View Full Version : Water Cut Two Days In A Row And Without Warning!

Dr. J George
01-05-2004, 12:17 PM
Water Cut Two Days In A Row With No Warnings!

The water company has taken several huge page length advertisements in leading newspapers boasting they are gonna be 'consumer friendly.'

A big coloured picture of Uncle Khir Toyo is also there smiling!

I really do not know what is there to smile about as far as water quality is concerned or its increasing costs!

But residents in several parts of Bandaraya Shah Alam, notably at the TTDI area are out of water two days in a row and without any early warning.

So Uncle Khir - once again it is just another huge and expensive administrative layer and tier been put into place which consumers are funding by the increased costs of - dirty, smelling, oillish and dark coloured liquid which we call Air ...Yes Water!

And since no one cares to listen at the TOP end comprising of cronies and the 100 days are over just...look out for a coming multi prong legal action to be filed in May by CASSA!

We already have PUAS, now SYABAS - Perhaps, we now need BODOH!:rolleyes:

Dr. J George
01-05-2004, 12:32 PM
I called their hotline 'call centre' after receiving more than 66 complaints on water cuts this morning.

Yes I spoke to a machine recording asking me to press 1 for English, 2 for BM etc etc.

Yes I pressed 1 and SYABAS...a human voice speaks to me in BM!

So much for voice recording and instructions at the door itself!

Yes I am told they will investigate..

So sorry Mums and Dads, Brother & Sisters out there in the midst of cooking, cleaning, gardening, plain fellowshipping or trying to get a bath....no water until 8..ish!:mad:

06-05-2004, 06:39 PM
In my Malaysian English dictionary (yes a different dictionary compared to British, International, Commonwealth, Victorian, Queen's or American English) the terms "investigate the matter" and "look into the matter" synonymously mean "drop the case".

And incidentally looking at the h-section; the word "highway" means a two or three lane road with one single effective lane due to steep un-phased junctions, roadside dining, sideway parking as a result of overdeveloped surroundings, exposed bus-stops, and U-turns in the 'speed-lane'.

Looking further on the b-section, the word "boleh" - borrowed from Malay - means "to let someone else take the lead and then try to follow".