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26-04-2004, 10:51 PM
I noticed pupils of this school often like to loiter at the front entrance of the nearby residentials after the school dismissal. Little did they know such act can be risky. I have one ocassion where my auto gate opened, it almost knock onto one pupil while she were sitting near the edge of my house entrance. Each time, I gave them signal to move away the area whenever I drive my car into my house, but somehow, they seem to not understand my messagel.

Finally, I took the opportnity to ask the pupils why they like to loiter at the auto gate frontage. According to them, they were told by the bas sekolah operator that this is his pick up pt. I find the bas sekolah operator rather irresponsible to give such instructions. Reason1, pupils are endanger themselves,loitering around these place....not to mention this is very vulnerable being kidnapped......Reason 2. what happen one day while the auto gate opened, one of the pupil's finger slipped thru the gate joints... who were reposnsible for that mishap...I hope the HM of this school or the PIBG take a serious view on this matter and take immediate remedy action b4 its too late.

Dont depend the guard for assistance cos, he is not an effective and observant person. I did raised this matter to him earlier but he often sounded perssimsitc in resolving the problem. I'm doubt he will do anything. rgds

26-04-2004, 11:22 PM
If this is not an isolated matter, then it's serious. I think the HM and the school aurhority must investigate and ensure that no bus or van drivers required pupils-passengers to 'wait' or 'hang around' in front of nearby residential homes. For safety reasons, they should stay in the crowd, at the proper place.

27-04-2004, 12:11 AM
Maybe you can start charging their bus sekolah operator for informing all the pupils to wait in front of your hse entrance ..
I mean that is your private land and now is like no longer belongs to you.

Of coz we should also have empathy on those pupils that they have to wait for their buses at such places but then, I think the schools can make arrangement like for those buses to take turn to pick up the pupils at a respective place.

Not on our private property area.:mad: