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Cool Hand Luke
21-04-2004, 10:41 AM
Would I be suggesting too much (and I am not sure if others would agree with me) if I make a gentle suggestion to both CASSA and Bazz to stop using this community forum for their disputes? Take your disagreements offline and leave us in peace.


21-04-2004, 10:51 AM
i second that. gently.

21-04-2004, 10:53 AM
For the record we left a month ago - did you not notice our silence despite all the bashing - even from you sir!

But, we had to return to address a malicious and slanderous posting and undertake the needy legal and regulatory remedies to protect CASSA's interest, rights and image to prevent further abuse and defamation thru' nicks!

We offer no apologies for that.

Dr. Jacob George

21-04-2004, 10:53 AM
i second that, strongly;)

Cool Hand Luke
21-04-2004, 10:53 AM
KH EE and Orchiplar have seconded that too (in the thread on 'Teh Tarik'). Please give us back our community forum. For those who do not like what others say about them, walk away or if you must go to war, take the war to the person(s) concerned. As for your inference that you have also taken a 'bashing' from me, I shall not reply that to avoid adding more flame to the burning fire. Let the other members be judges whether I 'bashed' you or not. Thank you and you have a good day.


21-04-2004, 10:57 AM
and again i would like to appeal to you... if you dont like what someone has said and you feel it must be reported to someone, make it the moderators, not the police

21-04-2004, 11:36 AM
Agreed with CHL, aimless, Orchi! Pls leave cassa318. Why don't you start a forum of your own, if you haven't done already. I'll be glad to sign up there & if I see something is not right, I'll surely say my piece.

I find this police report thingy very childish indeed. Leave & grow up Cassa. Oh, when will be your next election. Think a few of our members can contest for a few posts? I nominate myself. Any seconders? :confused:

21-04-2004, 01:09 PM
This is shocking! absurdly shocking!
CHL has never bash out at CASSA.. he's a real gentleman in all his postings that i have read.

Lord; aimless; and KH EE too.

Except for one Singh who just registered himself and use F***
(a supporter of Cassa)..wonders who he is??

Finally, my family members truly appreciate Jeff Ooi who has given so much to us in this community and therefore i know that this forum of Jeff is here to stay for the benefit of us all..!!

21-04-2004, 01:24 PM
Yes, we do not need the police in here. We already have moderators and they have been doing a fine job all along.

Please fight your war elsewhere and leave us in peace.

21-04-2004, 02:29 PM
I also second that.

Those who cannot differentiate between issues and persons should just keep quiet or leave.

Cool Hand Luke
21-04-2004, 07:09 PM
Thank you Jane. Thank you Jericho, Tan, Kh, Aimless and Lord.


21-04-2004, 08:24 PM
Well said. I second that too.
KH EE, I think it's a bit harsh to ask ppl to leave the forum, we should still welcome cssa for positive contribution.

21-04-2004, 09:56 PM
i agree that we would welcome cassa's contribution, as the guardian of consumer rights in our beloved neighbourhood. The only thing is, they must BE the guardian of consumer rights in our beloved neighbourhood! By that, i mean that if they post something which we feel to be to our detriment, or which we feel does not actually protect CONSUMER rights, I think that we WILL speak our minds (hopefully constructively!)... Dr George magnanimously said that they welcome Constructive Criticism, so with that in mind, i think we can exist in peace.....

and so peace descends onto our community once again.......... hopefully.

22-04-2004, 12:31 AM
Eyes see no evil, ears hear no evil

Nam mou ngou ni tou fa (prayer, dont get me wrong)


22-04-2004, 08:15 AM
its just too bad that bazz responded b4 i got 2 post this (drafted yesterday in a text editor). the original had has no been amended despite d latest posting by bazz as this is just a contemplatous analysis of what might hv been....

but first, to quote :
For the record we left a month ago ...

without neither shame nor reservation i must call d writer of that quote a
LIAR. today is 21 apr 2004. d thread "Pesticides In Fruits & Vegetables - A
CASSA HEALTH ALERT!" was started by cassa on 01 apr 2004.

dats less than a mth, 3 wks 2 b exact. definitely hardly a mth in whatever
way i define "month". 30 days? calender month? date 2 date?

or was it an april fool joke? i 4 1 found it extremely "hilarous" n i'm
verily surprised that there was no response to my critical observation.

jest 2 add vinegar 2 d fruity sob story, d wise old adage advices that
people who live in glass houses should not throw stones.

now, cassa/dgj go ahead make a police report and sue me for calling out LIAR
in cyber space. i may tell a lie, but facts don't lie.

and childish i must describe of d making police rpt huhah. as a professional
i do take all associated occupational risks, including baseless allegations
that undertable activities r going on, as part and parcel of the game. d
truth always prevails.
so now that bazz has mad stmts to the effect of retracting his original claim, does it change anything? by the way just what is it that bazz is claiming to be incorrect? to my critically analytical mind, this is how i bread it.nobody's lost what they read. those who back cassa r still loyal supporters; the haters r still hacking cassa; the fence sitters, they'll always b there. luffing stocks there will always b.

if i were to claim competency in law, i'd analyse bazz's posting like this :

"CASSA had collected so much money from Newgate & Rythm Avenue's purchase from RM500-RM5000. " - almost a stmt of fact - the amt i believe is not absolutely rite but the general description cannot be faulted. grammatically in need of brasso.

"I had received many complaints from people who paid the money to CASSA president. " - might b true. hardly worth investigation. bad lingo 2 use the pres as representation here, but if i were 2 ask or announce the collection, then i must expect people to say that they paid 2 me. any disgruntled cassa
employee with inside stories?

"They complain that no works had been done until now and many people want refund from CASSA but it was not successful." - occupational risk? might also b true. is bazz a rhythm/newgate victim regd with cassa? did anyone actually want 2 pull out of cassa's course of action? was there any avenue 4 them in d 1st place? hv they all got d latest updates? is d process s current s the hopes given to them? how many hv indicated being disheartened by the slow pace and a possible fading hope of some financial compensation being realised (pls differentiate realisation from award)? wud put cassa to test and possible loss for cassa if the q cannot b answered 100% in cassa's favour. cassa/dgj hard put to prove defamation, libel, slander here, even if stmt made with ill intent.

So many of them are from middle-lower income group and RM500 for them are not a small amount. - stmt of fact. no issue.

"Can CASSA tell us what they have do so far? Or it's only a NATO thingy? No Action Talk Only." - sad 2 c such rmks but obviously rotten writing skills. seems like a stmt begging 4 clarification n info. i hv problem picturing this s libelous. if i were cassa and if i had nothing 2 hide (i'm not saying cassa has), i'd provide the calrification and it wud, if it were of any value, definitely embarass the writer. thats professioanlism. thats representation of the public.

"This is really bad for a consumer association to collect money from buyers. It is NOT RIGHT in logical sense." - part opinion part fact, definitely supported by many. me 4 one. if i were 2 run a consumer's association, i'd ensure divestment of interest - i cud offer advice n guide complainants but i must ensure thati do not hv any other interest in d course of action taken especially
where huge finances r involved or there is involvement in my profession / industry which cud be linked to activities in my personal capacity. wud give rise 2 allegations of abuse and conflict of interest. in d rhythm/newgate case, in baby lingo, i cannot wear 2 hats at the same time if i were cassa. i'd not play d role of d solicitor & advocate. i'd leave it all to d lawyers/firm handling d matter. in fact, i'd leave it to d victims to choose their lawyers, tho i'd surely recommend people i feel who whud b able to get d job done. i'd play an intermediary role, no more advisory role once legal formalities r begun cos i'm not the legal adviser employed, so 2 say, even if i may b a qc. this may well b what cassa has done(?) but then again, they must not be seen with
2 or more shadows, not in public n very much so no way in cyberspace. if i play counsel &/or judge &/or volunteer consultant and advisor simultaneously, i m only demanding the people i represent 2 question real ugly questions. questions like tis. questions which if i react sheepishly, childishly, maybe with intent 2 sweep some dust under d carpet, i'd cut off with wild allegation of slander, libel and defamation. questions of which d answers r questions 2 myself. personally, if cassa really wants to stay out, they shud hv done just that instead of retorting in ways which many unspoken minds wud surely deem childish and immature.

and i think they shud never hv come in in d first place not bcos of what's happened but cos any respectable org wud never subject itself to the obivous inherent risks involved in cyberspace especially that not in their own ctrl.

4 all my words herein, there is still no way i welcome the way bazz is questioning cassa. sure i do n many others do put yet others into pressure cookers n on top of fired up stoves but some intelligence and careful choice of words must be employed, not least of all cos not everyone read sentences.

2 those who still believe that police rpts n legal actions are appropriate, think again - in the process a lot more people will come into contact with the alleged offensive stmts and more opinions will b formed. opinions in the minds of anti-estb people. think again in good mgmt sense - what is the appropriate way to rite wrong? what r the consequences of going overboard publicly. what is there 2 b achieved? how many innocent people r u going 2 inconvenient? wud a non confrontational clarification of anything incorreclty published do much more 4 image building?

my condolences 2 jo n chang cos tis is rightfully a pte matter, if indeed there shud be any issue at all, btwn d 2 fueding parties who shud keep the host out of d picture in their personal agenda.

once again, i repeat d closing words of kane and abel - "we could have been the best of friends".