View Full Version : Be careful when buying property from IOI

11-04-2004, 12:35 AM
Sad story....

If anybody wanted to buy an apartment or a property from the popular developer IOI, please be careful of their trick. Our group of purchasers have sufferred enough for the car park issue here.

When we buy the apartment from the developer above it was informed verbally that it should be come with first car park free and charge us a reasonable maintainance fee. But when we have our vacant possession, they turned around and said this is an commercial apartment thus the first car was selling to us at RM7000.00 each. For who do not want to buy will has to pay RM50.00 for the first car park.

In fact, the agreement signed is under residential housing development act schedule H. The agreement never mentioned neither the car park is an common property nor accessory parcel. If it is an accessory parcel, it should be sold together with the unit during or before signing S&P not until the completion of the project.

We have done a survey among the purchases, and the respond was more than 95% purchasers mentioned that they were informed by the marketing personnel the first car park is included.

We have decided to pursuit this issue by appointing our own lawyer subsequently to inform media and so on. I will appreciate for those who can give their opinion on the shorter way to go against the giant develop like IOI. This involve a huge amount of money for 720 units of car park.:(