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08-03-2004, 12:45 PM
Came across this topic in City Times (kot.. ) in NST.

3 new flyovers in Subang Jaya, i.e. Kewajipan, Jengka and Tujuan/Subang Utama. But none planned to bypass traffic lights near Tujuan-Kesas bridge.

The Kewajipan flyover is to connect the road from Summit to NPE. The Jengka flyover is from SS14, over the roundabout to SS15 and NPE will run underneath.

But still, why none at the Tujuan-Kesas bridge? I still think that's the main reason why Tujuan is badly jammed in the evening.

08-03-2004, 10:32 PM
This goes to show that the "town planners" are not doing their jobs..

How can the authorities allow a highway NPE to end at a roundabout..the highway flyover over dz roundabout shud have been built same tiime as the NPE.
(mind u..the bottleneck was already there b4 highway was opened).

Same goes for the USJ exit..after the toll..u get caught at the
Puchong highway traffic lights!
A flyover at this junction shud have been made to be built by the toll operator b4 allowing them to collect money!

Can we get those responsible fot the Subang Jaya/USJ traffic mess to be hauled up in court?

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09-03-2004, 12:41 AM
A flyover over the toll booth !? I' m tickling... :D

I for one will not object even if it is build with taxpayer money.

10-03-2004, 12:16 PM

Huh... u just read my mind.... hehehe
Ya man.... flyover toll booth...
I wonder when will they built a flying car....
Like those in the "Back to the future"
Fly pass toll.... surely a pure tickling sensation :D
But the toll booth in Kesas from Puchong to Subang....
Probably was a mistake.... few meter only... to Subang
And charging RM1.20 (or has it increased)... long time din use....
Boycott coz expensive.... there's once... inquired y the booth was built there and not after the flyover....
somewhere in the news / papers few years back.....if not mistaken....
And when ask them to transfer them lower.... well... they claim it's too costly to shift the booth stretch....
Ok lar.... one reason.... but again.... Subang / USJ user alot...
U think they accidentally have the booth there arr.... or purposely put there to get earnings from USJ/SJ folks.... I'm still pondering... :(

11-03-2004, 05:34 PM
Well, tolls ?
I m the user of KESAS highway n I travel all the way from Balakong every morning to USJ1.

Tolls are 2 x RM1.50 x 2(for to n fro) = RM6/day.
So, that become 20working days X RM6 = RM120/month.

Plus the 30km x 2 = 60km travelling a day.
Plus the expenses of car service schedule for every 5000km.


Without salary increment for office relocation from KL since January 2003, and I m still working here,,,,, I must be crazy!!!