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12-02-2004, 11:50 PM

I have a question for you.(in nice tone) Your profile indicated that you are a "Australian trained mechanical engineer, now a company director for a japanese company. "

Assuming that you are a Malaysian, supposely a few years in the future, your Japanese company sends a representative to visit you. He walks into your office with another Malaysian guy and say

"Mr. uchangeng, Let me introduce you to Mr.X. He will be our new director. You will be his assistant. All your salary and benefits will remain the same.Please do your best to work with him."

Now, Mr.X's academic credentials. He is younger than you.He graduated with a master in engineering from a Japanese university. He scores 8As in his SPM and therefore sponsored by government agency "Y" under political party "Z" patron.

Or he is a Japanese Government scholarship holder.

Question is "Would the Japanese company that you are working for be able to pull this "stunt" on you?(in nice tone)

I have thought of your reply.You have 3 to choose from and post your reply

First. Yes is the answer.

Second. No is the answer. You have the right not to disclose any explainations. It is up to you. But I am sure many webforumners would like to know why you reply such.

Third. I have no comments or I refuse to elaborate on this question.

Endnote:This is office education politics. The link between education and industry. The ruling political parties have found a "sneaky way" to control your livelihood.

(All other webforumners are free to post your viewpoints on my endnote, as for you ,uchangeng, please answer my above question first.)(in nice tone).

Thank you for listening,unchangeng.

14-02-2004, 01:05 AM
"Would the Japanese company that you are working for be able to pull this "stunt" on you?

Answer: Yes. This can happen anywhere and to anyone, my company included.

My question to you is : What would you do in case like this?

Play along with the survival game?

Stick around long enough until they fire you?

Resign in rage and go find another job?

Do what you like with me, I am not going anywhere until you pay me off?

Go home and cry, withdrawn into self pity?

Confront the boss, be nasty?

Talk to the boss and if things don't turn out good, resign in good term, avoid burning the bridge ?

Continue to do your job the best you know how and be your professional self ?

Non of the above.