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09-02-2004, 04:55 PM
Taken from this forum (see About Us below).

Look at Macro Objectives #2 - Guys, let's drop that. With the state the web forum is going, let's forget about being trend setters. Democracy does not equal anarchy. A forum is not a boxing ring.

About Us

We are residents and ratepayers in the Subang Jaya municipality, Selangor.

We volunteer our time to promote a knowledge-based community that leverages on the vast potentials of Internet and pervasive communications technologies.

This e-community portal, founded on October 26, 1999, is our community hall on the Internet.

www.usj.com.my won two coveted awards back-to-back - for Best Community Development Website in 2000 bestowed by PIKOM and Malaysia Internet Awards a record that remains unbroken till this day. ( Click here and here )


We believe in grassroot democracy. Hence, we take pride to proclaim ourselves as a 100% citizen-run e-community portal that has not taken a single sen of government (read: the rakyat) funds or subsidies to be who we are.

We use Open Sources tools and applications to run our dedicated servers. We aggregate efforts of collective volunteerism in running the portal. We advocate freedom of speech and provide the space for the community to talk to itself.

We just need sponsorship for hardware upgrades and high-traffic bandwidth.


Macro objectives:

To demonstrate that our e-community model can thrive and be replicated organically if the grassroot community managed to tap the potentials of Internet and pervasive communications technologies.

To always remain a trend-setter for other communities to emulate and replicate in the e-community model. This would be our gift to the community and the nation.

To demonstrate that political patronage is a hurdle to progressive community development in a liberalized and globalised environment.

Micro Objectives:

To acculturate residents in USJ-Subang Jaya and fellow Malaysians to appreciate ICT, enabling them to maximise the benefits of ICT applications at work and at home.

To build an integrated network of electronic communities using ICT and Multimedia technology.

To develop entreprenuerial communities including home-makers, college-going youth and senior citizens enabled by electronic networks.

To enhance closer cooperation and collaboration between public agencies, private corporations, NPOs and NGOs through joint ventures and institutional linkages.

To encourage USJ-Subang Jaya residents to be more innovative in using and adapting existing ICT and multimedia technologies in local content creation.

To advocate openness and transparency that paves the way for the practice of good governance in all areas.

Cool Hand Luke
09-02-2004, 05:08 PM
Well said, Gina.

09-02-2004, 05:31 PM
Just that someone has to standup to a clear case of harassment from an irresponsible idiot....to another member of the community....especially when the perpetrator knows & takes the advantage of the female genders.

I had to do it.....not for popularity sake.....just can't tolerate it.

To the rest of you gentlemen & ladies.....Pardon me for my fouled boxing sessions with those 2 + 1 now.(Singled out loud & clear)