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06-02-2004, 07:33 AM
I found this threads at
Cannot believe that this "fake Dr." Wong Tai can get as close to Dr.Mahathir and get government grant from Malaysia's Human Resource Ministry.

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From: JABRONISG 3-Feb 09:58
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Informatics another blood sucking company. If you notice the recruit section every saturday, you will almost see have job vacancies. They are also using the low basic and commimsion scheme. The commission is not monthly basis also, its on a weekly basis. So the poor consultant will have to work 7 days a week in order to make some decent money for him or her.
Many don't make it. They treat their employees like '****'. No 13 month AWS, no bonuses. Expect people to work their ass off. Might as well become insurance agent better. A guy who worked there for 14 years just wanted to clear his remaining leave. But was apparantly told to bring in the sales before he can do so. They don't even want to compensate for those untaken leave. So the guy went for his leave (unpaid) and when he came back, he was given the Pink Slip! Their staff turn over rate is very high, you will see people leaving on their own (can't take the pressure) or being told to leave if sales figures are not up to their expectation. Expectation is to bring in 5k to 10k each day! The manager will bug you on your mobile every now and then. Each day you will have to attend to 3 tele-conference with the senior vice-president. During the tele-conference, you can't say you don't have sales or prospective customers for the day. Even if you said you've got one or two very potential customers, they will still say not good enough. Many 'Why' will be out to you during those hell raising conference.

Company structure also very disorganise. Basically earn your money and thats it. Will cancel classes as and when they like without inforing you. There is also a no refund policy if you want a refund. Teaching quality also not of a very high standard. And the worst thing is customer support is extreamly poor.

Senior management is not understanding. Basically treat everyone like kids. When the chips are down, you will only get scoldings from the top, in some cases they will even ask you to leave the company. The chairman Wong Tai is the most nasty person you could ever met. He would give you a good dressing down as though you are not a human being.

The pressure is so great in this company, that if the sales isn't good for the day. You will expect managers to report 'false figures' to the top management. Managers will expect their consultant to bring in that 'extra' to cover for those 'false figures'. The cycles go on with the constant gap between 'actual' and 'reported' figures.

I know because I left that place. Warning to those jobless not to take up any job with them. They will ruin your life. And also please boycott this school if you intend to take up any courses.

Hope everyone is aware.

From: JABRONISG 3-Feb 20:31
To: Can you do better? (MR_HENTAI) unread 6 of 39

Whats up with that! They are so darm stupid and I sometime feel thoses management lack common sense. They could called up students to postpone the classes to another week. Even if those students who can't be contacted and eventually turn up, they could jolly explain the whole story to them. I don't think anyone will make a big fuss out of it. And looked, now they have created a real fuss for themselves for not having such simple procedures.

All they know is to talk about sales. Management don't seem to think of any long term strategies to sustain or grow the business. The only think they know is that when sales is good, the company will survive and their wallet will be fat with lots of commission. Well, we don't need a rocket scientist to know that!

Just look at the recruitment last Saturday for Sales Executive. They are offering training for 10 days with allowance of $500 (no CPF contribution) and upon completion of training, you will be offered salary range of $1200 to $1700. This is probably very innovative idea.
But when you signed the appointment letter, they will state everything for you. But what is hidden is not shown in your appointment letter. As and when if you can't achieve the minimum target ($30000), you will received a 20% paycut off your basic salary.
And believe me, I worked there for 9 months and did not even received any letter of confirmation.

What they are doing right now, will probably cause them a great deal in the future. They used to be good, until they are so hard up for the piece of pie that led them to become so faceless. My manager can even tell me to die die must squeeze some revenue for the day, if not I could not go home or don't even think of coming to work the next day. And when you really reported that there is going to be this revenue that will come in, she will harrass you on your mobile like there is no tommorow.

This is a story that I share with everyone. I had a collegue who got a customer who is going to sign up a course with government grant on that day. But somehow in the evening, we got a call that the government grant is suspended till further notice. This is due to their aggressive advertisment on the grant and the attractiveness of it. The government body that took care of this grant somehow don't like it. So they suspended it. And my collegue's customer who is going to come down later that evening to sign up will be affected. Somehow of rather this customer phoned my collegue to postpone the appointmnet to the next day. My collegue was concerned, so she called the manager and told her that if this customer is going to know about the grant suspension, she will not take up the course right away. Guess what the manager told her, she said nevermind. Just pretend that nothing happens. The next day when the customer came to sign for the course, the manager was actually standing rignt behind my collegue to make sure that she proceed with the biggest 'con' job of her life. Soon after that my collegue resigned.

If you guess do remember about the cheating of SDF fund by Informatics staff that was reported in the newspaper last year. I sincerely feel that those people who got involved could be innocent victims. This company is totally crap!

06-02-2004, 03:23 PM
The above facts stated to infomatics KL or informatics Singapore ?

07-02-2004, 01:15 AM
It doesn't matter.The founder is the same person."Dr."Wong Tai. They are selling the same products and doing the same private education businesses.
If Singaporeans are complaining. Don't you think Malaysians too should be cautious about this company?

There must be some ways that Informatics top management figure out how to send ringgit to foreign universities. They could do something like forcing students to pay in US$ and pound payable to foreign universities like Tunku Abdul Rahman College's US Campbell university degree. Or they could pay ringgit(converted to Australian dollar) to Australia publishing company for book publishing and then forced the students to buy the book. A gimmick similar to Lim Kok Wing Institute of Creative Technology.

All the foreign universities associated with Informatics like Salem International University,USA, USQ,Australia, University of Hertfordshire, UK and many others have one thing in common.They all belongs to same people or race. Their ancestry traced all the way back to Britain.Salem International University could have more than 50% foreign students. So are some "new" Australia universities. British Government too has "upgraded" their polytechnics to universities to cater for foreign students' enrollment.

If you check their websites(Informatics,TARC,L, you don't get to see the academicians' credentials and profiles. Many of them could be sponsored lecturers(in TARC case) or being approached by UK or Australia universities for further study after their diploma or advance diploma.

Professor Dr Talib AluKaidey could be a "phony" academician or foreign academician that British Government/university hires him to do research and "teach and train" foreign students from developing nations.He will "pass" them and let them return to Malaysia to work for Informatics or many other private colleges with close associations(twinning) with US,Australia and UK universities.

Fact is, Tunku Abdul Rahman college cannot be upgraded to university status. This speaks for the dubious credentials their academicians possess.
Moreover, there are a lots of similarity between Informatics courses and TARC courses. Computer studies,Computer Technology,ICT, Microcontroller,etc...

TAR's US Campbell degree courses started in early 80s. Informatics is founded in Singapore in 1983. The conspiracy and schemes could already be hatched in late 70s by educationists in Malaysia and foreign academicians abroad.

I don't think ACA or any Malaysia government agency can do anything about it. Conspiracies are weaved in such way that the government laws cannot touch them.

Check this website
Read the "HR Minister visits to Informatics" postings. Can you see the grim look on the Minister's face?

This website shows Dr.Mahathir and "Dr" Wong Tai.

In return for making these foreign universities making huge profits. Lim Kok Wing is given a "doctorate" from Australia's RMIT. Do recall that Ling Liong Sik too too is confered a "doctorate" from US Campbell University.The same goes for Wong Tai.

So do you think all these conniving and collaborating makes Mr.Anthony Lee and his top management team a traitors to Malaysia??Think about it.

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From: ANNEXA 4-Feb 21:24
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I heard ALL their Diploma not accepted by NUS, NTU and SMU one. True? I got fren who tried to use informatics Diploma to apply to NTU, and got rejected. She say they got a list of accredited Diplomas and all Informatics Diplomas are not inside!

Another fren checked with MOE and was shocked to know that the degree she got from Informatics not recognise one, cannot use one. Don't study at Informatics!

From: Kim Kaphwan (FORCEOFGLORY) 5-Feb 08:33
To: JABRONISG 35 of 51
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Badly photocopied textbooks, little recognition in the real world, lousy lecturers, boring lessons, this one's had it all!

Somebody should place bombs on every Informatics branch.

It's thanks to you that I get to know the lives of those employees there too.

It is really unbelievable that this crap can still exist for so long in an academically-competitive environment like Singapore.

Nuts to those who go there...

From: STARTREK01 5-Feb 13:18
To: JABRONISG 39 of 51
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Agree with u,my friend had a bad experience as a student when he signed up for a course with Informatics,poor customer support,poor
student support ,cock-up in student registration ,cock-up in registration of subjects,and quite often u see students quarrelling very loudly with the student support staff.What to do ? it's a profit-oriented commercial organisation with high rental fees to pay especially in the orchard road area and it has so many students registered for its courses and the new support staff are not familiar
with the syllabus and procedures (high staff turnover).

From: PRINCE71 5-Feb 16:21
To: Can you do better? (MR_HENTAI) unread 40 of 51
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F** up company. Took my degree there. First few class got lecturer, subsequent ones mostly no lecturers saying not enough students!!!!! First few classes less than 10 people have lectureres and my subsequent ones have more than 10 and not enough numbers to get lecturers??? So paid S$1K plus per subject for just some crap notes and manuals!! F***ing CB company. Luckily, I have high intelligence to start all by myself and pass all modules. Spent about $20K for that ****!!

From: applegal (XJIE1) 06:52
To: pussy in my profile (MARVREDS) 48 of 51
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We are given leads to call people. The list are the previous Informatics students or those sales gimmicks that tricked people to give us their particulars.

We do cold calls, distribute brochures and entertain walk-ins.

There is one marketing gimmick that says if you sign up, you may win a laptop. I asked my manager and was told it is only a marketing gimmick. There was never a laptop.

From: applegal (XJIE1) 07:00
To: JABRONISG unread 49 of 51
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Sometimes, the informatics management will pretend to be customer and call you to enquire about certain course. If you says you don't know or unable to answer the questions, you will get it from mgmt.

Sales people gets to carry a sales handphone. It is a starhub line. You cannot call out and call in line in free. They will check the bill to ensure there is no outgoing call. This sales handphone number is advertised on media to let customers call to enquire about courses. It is on 24-hour call. Management will call you 3am in the morning and pretend to be customer. If you don't pick up the line, good luck to you.

They have this policy. If 1st month you did not it target, warning letter. 2nd month, still did not hit target, cut pay by half. Third month, bye bye.

Crappy place.

From: SUMSISI 07:47
To: applegal (XJIE1) unread 51 of 51
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This type of fcuk up companies will slowly die a natural death when all the undoings are slowly exposed and this is one of the best place to expose as a start.

Then the chairman will quickly dump his shares before the value drops to a point of no return...... and he will jump ship.

And if hee is so heartless to his staff, there will be retribution....he cannot escape such bad karmas he has inflicted on others.

Good luck to him.

07-02-2004, 01:17 AM
continue from above reply...

Informatics Corporate News

corporate news
Informatics lecturer to do Ph.D at Hertfordshire
19th December 1999

KUALA LUMPUR : Loo Kok Keong is a bit of an enigma. One would think that he might give himself a break, more so since obtaining his Masters of Science in Electronics from the United Kingdom's University of Hertfordshire in 1997.

With a smile that comes easily, the affable young man from Seremban could have taken it easy for a few years but no, he is bent on studies to the highest possible level. Loo looks set to sit for his Ph.D starting mid January next year at his alma matter.

FLASHBACK...Loo receiving his MSc in Electronics (Distinction) from Professor Neil Buxton, Vice Chancellor of the University of Hertfordshire during his 1997 graduation

At just 24, Loo is a rarity in that he is totally focused. Currently a lecturer at the Informatics Kuala Lumpur CitiCampus, Loo lectures on subjects such as Microprocessor Base Systems, Measurements and Instrumentation and Assembly Language. He is also a unit leader as well as project coordinator.

An ex-student of Serembanís Chan Wa Secondary School, Loo did not have it easy. "My dad (who passed away a few months ago) was a postman who instilled the value of hard work in all of us. I remember him working very hard and always encouraging me to do the best I can," said Loo, the eldest in the family.

Family life now revolves around a girlfriend, mum who is a housewife, a younger brother who was also an ex-Informatics student and currently an EDP officer in a local hotel here, while a younger sister is currently studying for her Advanced Diploma in Computer Studies at Informatics Kuala Lumpur. The youngest, at 15, is still schooling.

Loo was working part-time at Informatics when he decided to study and after obtaining his Diploma in Computer Engineering at Informatics, he went on to obtain his Higher Diploma in Electrical and Electronic from local institute, Institute Megatech. Soon after, he then continued his studies at the University of Hertfordshire on an Informatics study bond.

Loo with his mum, his late Dad and girlfriend Amanda Yip

At the university, Loo came under the tutelage of Professor Dr Talib AluKaidey, the same professor who has since been instrumental in guiding and encouraging him to try for his Ph.D. "We have been in regular contact via email and Professor Dr Talib has greatly encouraged me to try for my Ph.D, " said Loo.

With the vast opportunities in the world of information technology, why did he choose to lecture?

"I have always been interested in lecturing and doing research and development (R&D)," said Loo, adding that he genuinely enjoys gaining knowledge and sharing it out.

Loo's interest in lecturing runs deep, as he still plans to continue lecturing after his Ph.D. "If possible, I would like to lecture in a university as R&D facilities there are greater and more advanced," he said. And what does Loo says of his ideal job?

"To do research with lots of grant," he said (laughs).

Informatics CitiCampus News 5 March 2000

citicampus news
Staff among those who graduated

KUALA LUMPUR: During the University of Southern Queensland's (USQ) convocation held at the Nikko Hotel here recently, among those who graduated was Saravanan and Haw WY.

Both were staff of Informatics Kuala Lumpur and the duo also graduated with a Bachelor of Information Technology degree.

Congratulations to both Saravanan and Haw WY on their graduation.

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Jolyn from Penang asks: Hi, i just finished my diploma, and i got an offer
> from a UK university. however, my parents are unable to fork out so much
> money for my 2 years degree(honours) programme in UK. what can i do?? i
> really want to experience education in UK as no one can deny the prestige
> of studying overseas, especially UK!! help!!

August 25, 2002
Lim Kok Wing to receive honorary degree

Malaysia 25 August 2002 One of Malaysias leading experts on
communication and design Tan Sri Dato Dr Lim Kok Wing, the Founder and
President of the Limkokwing Institute of Creative Technology/Millennium
Institute of Technology/Wings of Creativity, will receive an honorary
doctorate from RMIT University at a ceremony in Kuala Lumpur today.
RMIT University is delighted to honour Tan Sri Dato Dr Lim Kok Wing with
a Doctor of Design (Honoris Causa) for his service to the community,
especially to nurturing the next generation of creative young talents to
meet the needs of industry, said Professor Ruth Dunkin, RMIT Universitys
Vice-Chancellor and President.
RMIT University is one of Australias leading international universities
with a long tradition of serving working people by providing work-related
education and by undertaking practical and relevant research that reflects
business and community aspiration