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03-02-2004, 06:45 AM
Industry-Private Education-Government conspiracy!!!Warning!! Posted 9-23-2003 17:59
Be very careful about this conspiracy!!Foreign investors or CEOS or professionals will convince Malaysia government to invest in IT industry and now the latest is Biotechnology.They have hidden motives in doing so.

Look at all the private education institutions in collaboration with foreign universities.Just check all those 3+0 twinning courses.Many are offering IT& Business courses.Even the British Chevening scholarship is for IT,Business and Biotechnology courses.Monash Universitiy Malaysia is offering biotechnology degree course too. Even the most corrupted Malaysian Chinese educationist ex-Tunku Abdul Rahman College Principal,Tan Sri Dr.Ng Lay Swee now UTAR's president want to have a "jump start" to offer biotechnology degree courses at UTAR.

The foreigners are benefitting from these education venture.Billions of ringgit poured out from Malaysia because of education alone.They are here to plunder and pillage your hard earned savings.There are no assurance they are investing in MSC's IT industry or Biotechnology industry in Dengkil.

Biotechnology is a very wide,vague and hard to define, so is Information Technology. So there is a danger that "foreign fake academicians" will stuff useless,easy and obsolete subjects into the IT and Biotechnology degree courses.

Even the IAP members dare to propose to Mahathir to set up an university for IT courses.They are all pulling "wayang show" to push young Malaysian students tide to study IT.Mahathir has been deceived or duped by these foreigners.So is Badaw. The Chinese government can see through this ruse when Badawi proposes closer-cooperation in IT and Biotechnology areas between Malaysia and China.

We don't see Japanese researchers with PhDs working and teaching in MMU. Japan and France are countries built based on meritocracy system. They are going to send their "mediocre academicians" as faculty to serve in Malaysia-Japan and Malaysia-French universities.

Many "fake Malay academicians" coming out from local universities to set up colleges and university colleges are "Mahathir's sponsored students" and they all graduated from UK universities. They have been "developed" and converted to become "traitor" by the British to protect their foreign interest(foreign degree courses offered in Malaysia).Remember the movie "The Recruit"..how CIA recruited and developed their assets and Malaysia Government is spending billions sponsoring many bright, young Malay students to be "developed and educated" in UK.All of them are walking into British's pitfalls and traps.

Najib another foreign "asset" who graduated from a UK university as education minister opened the Malaysia 's education door wide open by allowing foreign universities to be set-up in Malaysia. Mimos chief and MDC chief too have been "hoodwinked" by foreigners into setting up IT R&D center. This will divert more young Malaysians to study IT courses.

Be warned!!Do not let your children's education path to be sidetracked into studying useless knowledge just because the foreign investors claimed that this is new industry which will be the next engine of growth for Malaysia. No matter what kind of technology term they can think of in the future...

Just stick to traditional courses offered by UM back in the 60s,70s, 80s and early 90s. Learn from China and India.Every year, there are so many young Chinese and Indian students graduated from China's/India's top universities who further their PhD study in US universities with financial aid.They all don't go to US for IT or Biotechnology couses.

There is no short cut path to become a developed nation.....:rolleyes: :rolleyes:

03-02-2004, 08:37 PM
Dear Folks,

Malacca CM recently also announced 2 Millions of funding for "biotechnology" growth in the state.

Is he involved....also?

chris.[Illiterate in BioTech]

04-02-2004, 12:07 AM
Who will benefits when more Malaysian students study ICT? Informatics,of course.And from who, will Informatics buys more computers?Acer Group. That is why you see Dr.Stan Shih advises Mahathir to set-up MSC's ICT.
68% of MSC companies are Malaysians-owned. So there is not much foreign direct investments.Foreign Press calls MSC a high tech folly.Maybe we should start to believe it.

IAP Members
> IAP Members (2003) : Dr Stan Shih (Chairman & CEO)
> The Acer Group
> http://global.acer.com/
> Dr. Terry Cutler (Managing Director)
> Cutler & Company
> http://www.cutlerco.com.au/
> Mr. Bob Bishop (Chairman & CEO)
> Silicon Graphics Inc.(SGI)
> http://www.sgi.com/
> Professor William F. Miller (Herbert Hoover Professor of Public
> and Private Management Emeritus)
> Stanford University
> http://www.stanford.edu/
> Ambassador Diana Lady Dougan (Senior Advisor)
> Cyber Century Forum
> http://www.cybercenturyforum.org/
> Mr N.R. Narayana Murthy (Chairman of the Board and Chief Mentor)
> Infosys Technologies Limited
> http://www.inf.com/
> Dr. Edwin J. Feulner (President)
> The Heritage Foundation
> http://www.heritage.org/
> Mr. Robert Madge (President)
> YBhg Dato' Dr Tadahiro Sekimoto (Chaiman)
> Institute for International Socio-Economic Studies Japan
> http://www.nec.com/
> Dr. John Gage (Chief Researcher and Director of Science Office)
> Sun Microsystems Inc.
> http://www.sun.com/
> Mr. Ragnar Back (Executive Vice President)
> Ericsson Group
> http://www.ericsson.com/
> Ir. Anton Hendrik Schaaf (Member of the Group Executive Board)
> Siemens Information and Communications Networks
> http://www.siemens.com/
> Mr. Derek Williams (Executive Vice President - Asia Pacific
> Division)
> Oracle Corporation
> http://www.oracle.com/
> Mr. Masanobu Suzuki (President & CEO)
> NTT Communications Corporation
> http://www.ntt.com/
> Mr. B. Ramalinga Raju (Chairman)
> Satyam Computer Services Ltd
> http://www.satyam.com/
> Mr. Dennis A. Roberson (Vice Provost for New Initiatives)
> Illinois Institute of Technology
> http://www.iit.edu/
> Professor Sir Alec Broers (Vice Chancellor)
> University of Cambridge
> http://www.cam.ac.uk/
> IAP Representatives (2003): Mr. Ron Spithill (EVP)
> Alcatel Asia Pacific
> http://www.alcatel.com/
> Mr. Jay Davis (President - Asia and Japan)
> Electronic Data Systems (HK) Ltd
> Mr. Mikko Heikkonen (SVP)
> Nokia Networks
> http://www.nokia.com/
> Mr. Peter Moore (Chief Technology Officer - Asia Pacific Region)
> Microsoft
> http://www.microsoft.com/
> Mr. Ooi-Wong Wai Kin (Vice President - Information Technology)
> Dell Asia Pacific
> http://www.dell.com/

KUALA LUMPUR [6 March 2003]:
> Acer Sales and Services Sdn Bhd and Informatics Group Malaysia held a
> press conference recently to announce their joint promotion campaign known
> as "Acer-Informatics Exclusive Privilege Campaign".
> For over a decade, now Informatics Group Malaysia and Acer Sales and
> Services Sdn Bhd have entered into a special smart partnership. In the
> partnership, there is an understanding between the two parties that
> Informatics gives preference to using Acer brand products over others,
while Acer offers special privileged prices and reliable support service
> to Informatics.
> In the press conference it was announced that there would be an extension
> to that smart partnership, in that, either party would promote the
> products and services of the other party. Such extension from just a
> customer-supplier relation to one that promotes each other's products and
> services generates a greater synergy for the partnership.
> To promote each other's products and services, they have devised and
> launched the "Acer-Informatics Exclusive Privilege Campaign". The campaign
> involves an "exchange" of vouchers of the two parties.
> Acer has already included an Informatics course voucher worth RM1,000 in
> every box of their desktop, notebook and handheld computers. Purchasers of
> these Acer products can redeem the Informatics course vouchers for course
> fee at Informatics colleges and centres. They can even share the course
> vouchers with their friends and loved ones.
> In return, Informatics is giving out Acer discount vouchers to students
> who enrol for new course at its colleges and centres. The Acer discount
> vouchers, each worth RM450, can be used to purchase the Acer desktop,
> notebook and handheld computers.
> Although the validity of both the vouchers will expire on 31 June 2003,
> due to the anticipated good response, it is expected that the joint
> promotion campaign will be extended before this date.
A memorandum of understanding was signed during the press conference
> signifying the expansion of collaboration between Acer and Informatics in
> Malaysia. Signing on behalf of Acer was Thye Wei Hong, Head of Business
> Development Department, and on behalf of Informatics was C S Cheong,
> Assistant Director of Marketing and Public Relations.