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09-12-2003, 08:01 PM
Take a peep in Jeff Ooi's <a href="http://www.jeffooi.com/archives/001324.php">weblog</a>.

09-12-2003, 09:09 PM
Proton's replacement model for Wira is still under embargo. But could this Alfa Romeo rear-look-alike (some say C-Class coupe) be Proton Sutra?

<center> <img alt="Proton_Sutra_01.jpg" src="http://www.jeffooi.com/archives/Proton_Sutra_01.jpg" width="350" height="253" border="1" />
<img alt="Proton_Sutra_02.jpg" src="http://www.jeffooi.com/archives/Proton_Sutra_02.jpg" width="350" height="207" border="1" /></center>

Click <a href="http://www.jeffooi.com/archives/001324.php">here</a> for price-tag... before Gong Xi Fa Cai?

10-12-2003, 09:26 AM
my bf has seen the car in the production centre. he says the interior gadgets suck, just like the rest of the models. typical malaysian standard. sigh!

10-12-2003, 11:11 AM
Seems Proton got sued by Alfa Romeo on this blatant design copying or was it just coffee shop talk again? I am not surprised though since the designers of Proton drives Alfas. Hope they settle it fast enough to get it on the market. They are losing ground.

10-12-2003, 01:36 PM
"...But could this Alfa Romeo rear-look-alike (some say C-Class coupe) be Proton Sutra?"

The rear looks like Alfa Romeo, meh? Looks more like Kia Spectra to me...

Nice pics - sure makes one curious for more! Now if this is the **REAL** McCoy...I'm eagerly waiting to see it in person! AND if the pricing is really below 50K....chun, man!

Let's hope the Campro engine is a good one. No news about its handling. Is it going to be Lotus tuned - like the Waja 1.8? Now that would be real interesting.

Nevertheless, it's still early days....still early days...!;)-
Anymore scoops ah?


11-12-2003, 10:26 AM
A friend emailed this message to me.

QUOTE (Campro @ Dec 8 2003, 06:14 PM)

" Kawan aku yg keja Proton City Tanjung Malim kata injin tu masih dlm ujian...sepatutnya launching bulan Okt sebelum Che Det resign,
tapi ada masalah teknikal pada injin, so ditangguhkan...semua spare part model ni pakai local part kecuali injin je (teknologi Lotus)
kemudian dijangka bulan 12 ni nak launching..tapi maybe Jan lak..sebabproton kena clear stok Wira yg ada sekarang ni dulu..

WRM pakai injin Campro 1.3 (horse power 1.5) & 1.5 (horse power 1.6)

Waja tetap menten 1.6 tapi akan pakai injin Campro selepas WRM dah stabil..

So kalau nak beli WRM kerana rupa paras lebih baik pikir masalah yg akan dtg sebab injin ni baru dijalan...belum ada yg pakai henjut biler baby..

Macam Waja keluaran 2000 & 2001, banyak problemnya...
tapi model 2003 dah stabil dah...

Tapi yg best sebab harga nya kurang dari wira sekarang...

Translated as :

A friend of mine, who is working in Proton City Tanjung Malim said that the engine is still in testing. It was supposed to be launced last October before Dr M resign, but there was a technical problem and it has to be postponed.

All of the spare-part used are locally made except the engine (applying Lotus technology). Later it was supposed to be launched this December but then had to postponed again to January because Proton have to clear all the Wira stocks available at present.

The WRM will be using using Campro 1.3 (h.p. 1.3) and Campro 1.5 (h.p 1.6). The Waja will be using the same engine as it is now, but will change to Campro engine when WRM is stable enough.

So if you decide to buy based on its looks, its better to think about the engine problem that will arise since it is a new one and haven't been tested on road before. It is just like the 2000 and 2001 Waja which gave lots of problems until it stable down by 2003.

But the best thing is, its cost more less than the present Wira.

11-12-2003, 12:13 PM
Just in this morning.....

Understand autoworld site was asked to take off the WRM pictures.....and Chips obliged as a gesture of goodwill.

Sometimes, it never fails to amaze me what Proton management is doing/thinking...

Why so paranoid?...

Before you misunderstood me....I'm driving a Waja and loving it!


12-12-2003, 02:36 PM
The interior just incase you missed the pictures.
Doesn't look "how hua" at all. A bit of first generation Kia Al Cheapo look.:o

12-12-2003, 04:16 PM
Inside so small, either the guy sitting there is a giant or the interior is really small. The interior is still alfa'ish.