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06-11-2003, 08:25 PM
Dear Neighbours of USJ 16, 17 & 18,

This is regarding the closure of Jalan Usaha from the Hicom Industrial Zone into USJ. 16 & 17. I copy this post from one of the USJ 16 NW. posting.

The question the author put forwards is why on earth a petrol station is allowed in a residential area. I believe this question merits some "follow up" with MPSJ..

> It is very obvious that the Business Operators would
> strongly object to the closing of the entrance.
> On the other hand are the rest of other resident &
> resident commitees are well informed of such
> proposal and are they supportive of such a change?
> Would they be able to gather a signature campaign as
> a show of support ?
> This proposed closure should be given at least a
> week or so to gauge the full effects, and interests
> of the residents should not be compromised by the
> few business operators who only have their selfish
> vested motives !
> I certainly wouldn't mind the slight inconvenience
> of having a longer detour into USJ17 than having to
> endure the high volume of vehicles, tankers,
> trailers, cement truckers, lorries, speedsters
> cruising into JLN USAHA.
> On many occassions these truckers brazenly park
> themselves right in the front gates of our houses
> while patronising the food operators in USJ17 .
> Why should there be such heavy trucks in JLN USAHA
> when the road is supposed to be restricted to below
> 5 ton traffic ?
> I doubt that there's any enforcement from the
> authorities at all, otherwise we wouldn't be having
> all these heavy trucks plying along this road.
> Conversely the authorities were there in no time to
> remove the road closure at the slightest behest of
> the few business operators who wouldn't care two
> hoots of the residents in the area.
> High time that we do something .
> mkcm.

06-11-2003, 11:38 PM
I suggest another station that is being built in USJ20. It is near a residential area. The Tenaga substation sits beside it. And it is not far from the gas pipeline.

Problem why all this is happening is we tend to talk more than we walk!

07-11-2003, 08:38 AM
How about putting up a height barrier to prevent the heavy vehicles from using the road ?

08-11-2003, 10:08 PM
Before we put up the height barrier, we better get Caltex to agree to replenish their stocks using buckets, cause the refuel trucks will surely not be able to get in.

See, sometimes things are not that clean cut after all.

08-11-2003, 10:45 PM

I see that it is already difficult to get residents to speak up about what happened at Jalan Usaha just recently, you now want them to follow-up and censure MPSJ for something that was decided years ago?

As was pointed out by some concerned residents, maybe we should just consolidate all our efforts for the here and now by grouping this thread together with

Hicom's turning to Persiaran Tujuan closed (http://www.usj.com.my/bulletin/upload/showthread.php?s=&threadid=4031)

instead of splitting up the attention of the readership on this subject.

Does it make sense?