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12-10-2003, 02:46 PM
Today, we see many low-low price flat screen TV in the market. You can get one 29" for less than RM600.00 at any hypermarket these days.

I bought my flat TV, the same screen size, for 4 times more expensive then that. Why? Let me put a word of caution here to you.

All TV emit certain amount of harmful radiations. One of these is the X-ray. In developed countries, the amount of harmful radiation from TV is regulated. In Malaysian, I am not sure. So, whenever I buy a new TV., I pay particular attention to the amount of X-ray emission or the "harmful radiation rating" from the CRT(cathode Ray Tube). Why ? We all know that overexposure to harmful radiation like x-ray can hurt your your eyes, especially if you have young children, who are most at risk at home. Although no one has ever claimed killed by TV radiation.

Most branded TV eg. Philips and Sony, comply with established standard such as the European Standard as far as the amount of harmful radiation is concerned. Exactly what is the allowable standard, I do not have the number, but one can alway find out from the manufacturer manual.

Now, if you are about to be lured into buying a low-low cost cheap flat screen from somewhere China, please look at the X-ray emission from the manufacturer's brochure(if it is even stated there). Common sense tells me that, to cut cost, the low-low price TV maker would cut corner and what you get is an X-ray tube.

Why such TV can be so easily available in the market today? As I said above, I am not sure there is regualtion in Malaysia as far as the X-ray emission is concerned. The flood gate is open!

13-10-2003, 07:13 AM
Why such TV can be so easily available in the market today? As I said above, I am not sure there is regualtion in Malaysia as far as the X-ray emission is concerned. The flood gate is open!

Reply-: as long as they can make money they don't care about the consumers.

13-10-2003, 12:20 PM
Interesting thing is that these China brands are not as bad as we thought. I know Walmart just a few months ago imported a whole loads of these cheap TVs and sold them to the American public. Cannot be that bad. I think the brands involved were Haier and another brand.

13-10-2003, 12:56 PM
I bought a China made 29 Pure Flat Screen TV last month..
brand was GC..Distributed by subsidiary of Telekom sales and services BHD.
Paid RM988 nn carried it out of Carrefour in my Kembara.
Picture tube uses slots, just like Sony, instead of circular dots..
I suspect picture tube made by OEM manufacturer that supplies to
Japanese TV assemblers.
Picture quality good..somemore..it has S-video input..
when playing Astro..picture very sharp...
This TV comes wz 2 games built in, that can be played wz the
TV remote control..Most expensive sets dont have games..
If TV lasts 3 years...I am happy..after all..High defination TV
coming to Malaysia soon.



13-10-2003, 01:32 PM

Yesterday Carrefour sells the same GC 29" TV for RM598 and all were snapped up. Nothing left.

From what I read on the box, this TV was manufactured somewhere in Balakong. But I believe it is more lie assembly with parts from China thus it is so cheap!

13-10-2003, 06:55 PM
Yep..anything cheap is quickly snapped up!.
Amazingly, that not too long ago, many would take 1 or 2 seconds decision to snap up a few or a large lot of KLSE shares but take ages to decide buying a new TV, fridge or aircon for the family however cheap it is....

C'est la vie

13-10-2003, 07:04 PM
Rite Jerico..saw advert..thats not my model..
lucky..otherwise heart(pocket as well) pain!
mine is GC2928..pure flat..the one u r referring to, going for RM598..is also GC..but not really flat..face is curved..mine is 100% flat.
put it dz way..as for these chinese made sets.if it fails after 3 yrs..
u can buy another nn stil dont pay the amound 4 branded set!
u also have a brand new set!

13-10-2003, 09:13 PM
Helo, helo, read my lips, please go and read the x-ray emission rating of the cheap TV., please read the fine lines, because if you do not, you may end up buying an "x-ray gun" home, not a TV..

Imagine, IF the set is built so cheap with total disregards for radiation safety standrd, the amount of harmful radiation you and your kids exposed to may have irreversible long term effect. Especially if your kids watch the TV from near. Or worse, you have bought one of those with TV games built in and your kids play games on the set at close range.

For yours and the kids' safety, please read the labels. Never buy one because it is dirt cheap.

Some may says "Oh ya, JBE approves the TV.." Let me say this, JBE would approve any electrical appliances as long as they do not blow up when you switch them on. So, don't get that fault sense of security.

13-10-2003, 09:32 PM
Yes lah uchangeng..
due to 29 inch tv,my kids sit at least 4 feet away..
last time i did a radiation test on 14 inch tv..the radiation level for a "branded" set also exceeded the safety level if one is 3 inches frm the screen.
but to cfm..i wil do another test for my 29 GC set..

13-10-2003, 09:57 PM
uchangeng: how well do u know about the x-ray emission? u tested it or u read it? (from manuals, boxes etc) and also if u read it, what is the standard base on? if u tested it, what procedure are u using? (touch the screen, 1m from screen, behind the screen etc)
anyway, if my hi-school physics still ok, u can try using a film with some metal thing wrap outside (almost like mr. roetgen "aka x-ray man", hope not wrong spelling, using a key and film in his drawer, when he put something radioactive on the table, later, when he took out the film, it has the key outline on the film, hence we got x-ray:D ), hold the film (not exposed before though) with the wire wrapped around, and place it near the tv screen, after 1 day, u can see the film?? :D forgive me if this is a wrong demo, hahahahhaa, but u can also use a meter/device to check??:)

13-10-2003, 10:27 PM
Radiation standards for TV
A Federal standard limiting x-ray emissions from TV receivers to 0.5 milliroentgen per hour was issued on December 25, 1969. The standard was made applicable in three progressively more stringent phases, starting with sets manufactured after January 15, 1970. After the third phase had been reached, on June 1, 1971, the overall effect of the standard was to require that TV receivers must not emit x radiation above the 0.5 milliroentgen per hour level under the most adverse operating conditions.
I have the test equipment in my office. wil check my TV level..

Another news from China..

China Produces Energy-Saving, Low-Radiation Color TV
2001.07.05 22:14:55

JINAN, July 5 (Xinhuanet) -- A giant Chinese home appliance company has been successful in developing an environmentally friendly color TV set which has very low radiation and power consumption.
The color TV uses special circuits which can reduce X-rays and increase power-use efficiency.
Its radiation level and power consumption level are only one- 20th of those of traditional color TVs, reaching China's "green product" standard, which are stricter than those in European Union and the United States.
Experts said the invention of the TV by Hisense, the company based in Qingdao in the eastern province of Shandong, indicates that China is entering a new stage in color TV manufacturing in terms of environmental protection. Enditem
So not everything from China is not complying wz world standards.


14-10-2003, 12:55 PM
satish, if yr 2928 is really pure flat, gd 4 u cos i've got a dozen + of the same model with curved scrns. but these were the rm600+ versions from carrefour. truth is, i've discovered, theres such a thing as flat scrn and pure flat scrn and really flat scrn and some flats are flatter than others. not just with brands assoc. with china. and yes, cg has a factory and service centre is balakong.
on x-ray emisisons and radiation, i jsut have a very raw understanding - i.e. the dangerous stuff are the vlf (very low fqs). does distance really mitigate or eliminate exposure? for a fact i've experienced - tvs can't be much worse then the pc monitors which u n i poke our noses hardly a foot away from. worse still, how many offices have ppl sitting with the back of their heads literally resting on the monitor on the desk behind them? when i was handling pc tech, after some time i could actually feel something each time i got behind a monitor that was on. i did not need to see that its on - i only needed to get within 6 inches of the rear and the bzzzz thingy flushes my system. my suggestion - if u fear the x-ray from tvs, keep yer distance from computer monitors, esp the rear.