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05-10-2003, 02:40 PM
Ending a labour of love: How-to...

Just some thoughts on this....

Dr Mahathir would be resigning end of this month and I suppose there would be a big media do on this. I am visualising scenes of emotions and emotion-choked pronouncements over national media of the good doctor's immense contributions to the nation, played ad nauseam...

I hope it would not come to that....

Please...no uncontrolled emotional scenes displayed on prime time. Let it be a dignified, pompous, regally enchanting ceremony worthy of the Man's contributions to the nation.

Bolehwood better come up with a PR script\spin that outdoes Hollywood and Bollywood - sans the emotions. I am confident the nation has a lot of such talented spin doctors around and would rise to the challenge.

Spare us the tears and heartaches, will ya? Let us enjoy a wonderful, entertaining evening, shall we? Something in the vein of the Olympics opening ceremonies, Oscar night etc perhaps? You get my drift....just no Kleenex beside me....oh well, maybe just one or two sheets?...not a whole box!

Nations have soul, yes, compassion, yes. Nations too, have toughness, discipline, continuity, pride and the likes...get my drift?

Looking forward to an entertaining evening on D-Day!


06-10-2003, 11:09 PM
*sob* gonna miss him very much...

come to think about this, he's the one who paved the road for the nation i grew up in... he shaped the nation, the community for me to live.... he even showed the world where/what malaysia is...
*salute* for our beloved PM....

from the bottom of my heart, i wished him good health, he'll need it when he retired, after so many yrs of hard work... THANKS, dr:)

Claude M
16-10-2003, 09:49 AM
i am not a big fan of the man. he has let me down with his policies.

he will not be missed. the man has overstayed by at least 5 years.

he is not the only person responsible for all things malaysian. he is a man taken up by bnig ideas and projects iun the west.

what we have here is cosmetics. malaysia is a long way from Europe and US and cannot pretend to be like them.

hope pak lah will not do the same mistakes! but with the same policies by bet is he will take the same road although he cannot do any worse!

16-10-2003, 10:10 AM
I think of it more of a 'love-hate' thingy with Dr.M. I'm not a great fan of his on some issues, but if there was someone else on that seat, would it be better or worse? Yeah, 22 years is a loooooooo....ng time, man. That's why I call him 'The Last Of The Mohicans'! Remember, the scalpers. His batch mates have all left; Suharto, Marcos, Kuan Yew and maybe some others that I don't know.

But the joke has to be when he said the day before yesterday, all active BN 'senior citizens' should step down to give way to fresh blood in BN. Man, what a hypopcrite he is. He should have done that to himself when the time was ripe!! Or maybe, Pak Lah has told him to 'pack' his cabinet before he shooos them away.

I really hope Dr. M will pull the same drama he did on MCA and Dr. Ling on MIC as well. That was one of my favourite dramas produced by Dr.M!!! Hey, maybe he should get into the showbiz!!! ;)