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08-09-2003, 01:47 PM
Anyone going?


Venue: 3K Complex, Jalan Kewajipan, Subang Jaya
Date: 14 September 2003 (Sun)
Time: 9 am

Keynote Speaker: Tan Sri Dato' Harun Hashim (Deputy

1. Datuk Dr Anwar Fazal
Senior Regional Advisor, The Urban Governnace
Initiative, UNDP
2. YB Datuk Lee Hwa Beng
State Assemblyman Subang Jaya and MPSJ Councillor
3. Dr Goh Ban Lee
Associate Professor, School of Social SCiences, USM
4. Tony Xavier
Resident, USJ Subang Jaya

Moderator: Mano Maniam

It is jointly organised by USJ Residents Association
(USJRA) and its
non government-funded e-Community portal, USJ.com.my.

More information (including map to venue) can be found
at www.usj.com.my. Please RSVP by informing the
individuals below or by returning the reply form to the contact details below by September 9, 2003.
- Premesh: 017-8783900, premesh@usj.com.my
- Mano: 012-3161732, Fax: 03-56316342 (Att: USJRA)
- PC Yeoh: 012-2995330, pcyeoh@usj.com.my
- Jeff Ooi: 012-2956356, jeffooi@usj.com.my

Malaysiakini's Premesh Chandran, a USJ ratepayer, has
put together a backgrounder to the issue of good local governance, particularly excerpts of history, e.g. the wartershed event in 1965 when local elections were discontinued, and the Athi Nahappan Report 1970 that was commissioned and rejected by the government.

Here's your chance to understand how a local caouncil works and do your part to make the local authorities more accountable to the

From www.MyLocalElections.com

08-09-2003, 03:40 PM
"Here's your chance to understand how a local council works and do your part to make the local authorities more accountable to the ratepayers" - PremeshChandran

I believe the above statement should be the compelling reason why we should be attending the above forum. This forum is organised to find a way how as a collective group (hopefully the action plan is to form a support group) we can pressure the local authorities in the respective locations be it Ampang Jaya or Kelang to be ratepayers focus and friendly. Maybe, we can call our group "MPSJ Watch" which at one time was loosely formed but later on became defunct because it was formed by a small group - too small to carry the torch onwards. We have a line up of prominent speakers who hopefully can eventually be our mentors/advisers and with ratespayers nowadays more aware of their rights (judging from the many letters to the press) we hope to get it right this time round. If our local council which is MPSJ were to function like a big corpoartion and still treats its ratepayers which they don't realise are their customers with such lousy service, it is no surprise they would close shop in no time.

So you people out there who are vocal about our local authorities, join us this Sunday and together we hope to get things done.

10-09-2003, 04:03 PM
The stage is now set for the forum for this Sunday. I can assure you that this forum will be interesting and an eye opener. Come and participate and bring some friends along. A simple lunch will be provided to fill up your food appetite after your other appetite for your rights are filled during the forum.

The keynote address speaker, Suhakam Deputy Chairperson Tan Sri Dato' Harun Hashim needs no introduction. Let us listen to his words of wisdom.

Datuk Dr Anwar Fazal, Senior Regional Advisor, The Urban Governance Initiative, UNDP will share with us what local councils in other couuntries are doing and behaving. Are we better or worse than them? Lately we have many issues reported in the regular press. Does he have the nerve to touch on that or he is daring enough to touch their nerves?

Many of us are curious what Dato Lee Hwa Beng, the State Assemblyman Subang Jaya and MPSJ Councillor has to say on this topic since he wears two hats - as a ADUN, he represents out interest in the council and as a councillor, he has to toe the line. We want to find out how many times he has crossed the lines and what issues that pushed him to overstep this line.

As for Dr Goh Ban Lee, a researcher - is he going to be very academic and paint a "good to have but unrealistic goals" or is he going to "tell all and sing like a canary" since he was once a councillor in the Majlis Perbandaran Pulau Pinang.

And who is Tony Xavier? Well, he is a long time resident of Subang Jaya who have gone thru years of pains and delights (can't say everything is bad), I understand he can tell you one hundred and one things that are wrong with our MPSJ but then I believe he is going to use the platform to share with us how the rate payers can have a cordial relationship with the local council based on a win-win situation and his past experience.

To all these unanswered questions, why not spend your Sunday morning to hear them out. By the way, this forum is not a complaint department or managing a hotline. We can take this type of issue offline.

13-09-2003, 01:24 AM
Those who read the FRIDAY Star Metro, please note that the forum is actually on SUNDAY 14 Sept and not as reported in their Event Announcement column. Star Metro will publish the announcement again on SATURDAY and this time they will get it right. This means that I have to be at the venue to inform those who will turn up. Up to this moment, judging from the enquiries (my mobile went dead) the response has been very good. I am getting calls from many outside Subang Jaya. One even postponed his trip to Penang just to be there. What about you??