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09-04-2019, 03:57 PM
Hi all,

starting my first thread here. I am currently staying in USJ11/3 which is my aunt's place which is split level unit, but since she suffered stroke, she has difficulty moving around in her own house, so we are thinking about getting a place somewhere else close by to USJ11/3 (as we really like the amenities here), do you guys know of any houses in USJ about RM400-600k, that is not split level and close by to Taipan (preferably guarded aswell).


10-04-2019, 12:55 PM
There are usually more than one house design in any one USJ area. USJ 11/3 is sufficiently large to have multiple house designs. Perhaps you should scout around your own area. Alternatively look at USJ 11/4 which is just next to your area.

However, it would be very difficult to find any house priced at 600K or below, especially in 11/3 and 11/4
For that lower price bracket you may need to look at USJ 11/1 which has smaller 1 and a half story terrace houses. There are probably 2 designs there.
There is also probably only a row of 1 and a half story terrace houses in USJ11/2D but they are not within a GnG and I think only 1 road in USJ11/1 has a GnG.

10-04-2019, 04:18 PM
Thanks for your response Admin, yes we found out that the house opposite ours is not split level on the inside but the design is not too much to our liking. Very informative, will totally check out USJ11/1!

09-05-2019, 10:26 AM
Looking for a single story house near the MTR stations.

If you know of any, please let me know. Tq