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03-11-2017, 03:40 PM
Got up close and personal with an illustrious expat gentleman who is the one of the eight certified master trainers of trainers in Malaysia.

After driving him once, he requested me as his Uberman whenever he is in Malaysia to drive around ever since. The best thing is can hear stories from him where he has had worldwide experiences in 4 corners of the world. And he is probably the humblest gentleman in my lifetime encounter and versatile from biz and politics issues.

It is sad to learnt that he once given up his corporate life to start the life as a planter in Thailand where he could help the impoverish locals to improve their living standard after staying there couple of months. He uprooted his wifey and children to stay focus on innovative planting techniques and life in the countryside. However, had to leave that country in middle of the night after couple of years when he got threat of family harms when he reported Criminal Breach of Trust by his Thai worker to the authorities.

I felt for him as he lost almost everything with his good intention. It was a big set back for him as he not only lost his fortune but also relocating his family. His wifey was a corporate Queen counsel where she given up her career too. .

Luckily for him, he is strong enough after 2 years of hibernating and with his credential able to secure assignment as a master trainer. I salute him for his positive attitude.

I am just wondering aloud how could certain people could be so cruel despite kindness shown to them ?

jan tomaswaki
03-11-2017, 10:48 PM
You really believe after a few encounters with him. After so many years of working with this angmoh ,maybe those early 80-90's they might be well ado ,nowadays ones are earning maybe 10k a month la. I know one foreign company pays it,s American staff USD$3500 per month but included housing and children ed.If they go happy hours all the time ....pokai man

05-11-2017, 11:43 AM
iSayman.....he is not an American Donald Duck who goes to watering holes with bankrupt companies. When I cook the blurred sotong story dish, I check out the sauces....And this guy earned more than 10K USD where he used to own Desa Park llanded property. His wifey is a Malaysian Chinese and his dad in law is somebody from our Bolehland Plantation.

While in the United States, I met multi faucet of Angmoh..... some are hot dogs, some are hound dogs but there are good honest doggies.

He is actually disciplined German Audiman refined classic who had sauerkraut experience in Thailand. He did not volunteered the above story but the subject when personal when I asked how he got into training ship after being working with many jet flying management PLC after many hours of Ubering him in KL jam valley. Not many strangers would tell you thier sob stories but would boast of thier success stories.

Same like some of the people I met at Subang Zinglicious ....there are many good apples around who believes in charity rather than doing for different agenda. For instance, I respect you and others for that and all the work you had done without expecting anything in return int he eat for fund program. Just seeing some from Rumah Charis old folks and children is enough. And I still recalled the single mothers were asking you why you are so good to belanja them free lunch with lobsters....by taking them here.

Just like our Datukships, there many be bad ones like those who beat or eat people up but they are others who earned my respects especially those who served who served in the civil service in the government hospitals till they are retired. They could have opted out for early retirement for better pay to drive Audi or BMW....but one Datuk I knew was driving old French Fries Peugeot. She only changed to German sausage car after she retired at 60 years old and went to private hospital.

11-11-2017, 10:03 AM
HAHAHAHAHAH! :heheheh: go to LOS more often, hang out at bars & bbq, and every one angmo and his farang father will tell you they are xCIA or Xspy or xCharityman, now contributing to their adopted cuntry...:heheheh:

I have met more spies there than 007 even did in all his movies!