View Full Version : UGS Sdn Bhd Checking Gas ??

12-08-2015, 06:08 PM
This company UGS Sdn Bhd claiming to be checking gas for safety reason...

Got company ID but didnt let them in coz I'm just annoyed they woke me up :D

MPSJ initiative? YB Hannah's? or just ignore them?

12-08-2015, 06:24 PM
I don't think there's any authority that sanction a safety check on home gas installation.
Its usually some scam approach of certain companies that would prey on your emotions and con you to buying something they promote in the process.
But then, every home owner must gather some knowledge and not be entirely ignorant on the safety aspect of their cooking gas ancillaries. The hose is cheap, replace it if it looks questionable, DIY job, no rocket science.
Don't say Don't know.. everything can be learnt easily somehow..

Henry T
12-08-2015, 06:45 PM
Nuisance. No need to entertain them.

12-08-2015, 06:59 PM
Nuisance. No need to entertain them.

They're all very enterprising mah!.. didn't we want less people going the way of crime but enterprising individuals will think of other ways to extract from you and prey on your weaknesses.
We're a cowboy country..just be wise and on the alert to such scams and nuisance, this isn't the last..
In more than a decade living at my place which is non gated or no security, I've seen all sorts. Only the invited may come in..unknowns all dismissed..simple!
This is why I say our civilization is going down the longkang..the tendencies for dishonesty or crime is very high. Trust is another word in the dictionary.

13-08-2015, 12:43 AM
Thanks :D

13-08-2015, 12:52 AM
Thanks :D

Imagine if we live without fences, gates and grills like some developed country, these elements would have the audacity to walk through your door and do something.
That's why we can't compare to another developed civilization. Everything here must be secured by gates, fences, GnG..etc. 20th floor also must have grills..

Mat Bruce
13-08-2015, 10:07 PM
I let my dogs go after them...don't even entertain these conman.