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22-10-2014, 03:15 PM
Ok, allow me 5 minutes why I am still penning hard to make not just the RTss17 work (not 'success' yet, which will hopefully come later when more 'sitting on the fence/butt' residents sign up as volunteers) but also make the Facebook a success.

The ss17 facebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/Rukun-Tetangga-SS17/474705172669901?ref=hl
was primarily designed to
#1. keep ss17 residents informed of the going-ons (stories & pictures) within their own community/backyard
#2. if #1 is successful, it will generate a lot of 'likes' amongst the 1200 households and hence create very niche community eyeballs and affluent marketing segment of the SJ population.

#2 is what can interest people (advertisers) with things to 'sell/promote' and so the more 'likes' or 'hits' we can generate, the more we have value. With a high ss17 'reach', the more effective 1-to-1 for sponsors to 'talk' toSS17 residents.

With high 'likes'/'hits' value then it is only natural, the more ss17 residents can extract barter benefits/sponsorship/donations for the funding/subsidy towards SS17 residents activities.

Of course, in reality, even if 1200 households X 3/hsehold, we only have 3,600 people. In marketing terms, we are nothing. Not much of a true media cost/thousand value. A mere drop in the ocean. But it is a start...

So start clicking and liking and keep our own https://www.facebook.com/pages/Rukun-Tetangga-SS17/474705172669901?ref=hl

Those in the committee who got 'volunteered' into becoming co-admin, PLEASE Please do your part: Just Add pictures, add stories. Add any thing as long as it benefit the ss17 residents. Add crime busting news if it can also keep the potential perps away.

Lets us all do it for US. Yes, US, you, you, you and your family and mine too lah :-)

Thank you.

p/s pls share with any ss17 friends who might not be aware of this volunteering service to OUR community. Ciao.

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