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06-07-2014, 10:43 AM
not too many months ago, 3men in a car mugged a fellow resident along ss17/1:eek:...it was a bright 7pm and they accosted the resident, took his wallet and mobile.:eek: Luckily, the resident was not harmed as he willingly surrendered his possession.:cool:
AT the ss17 balai, the cops admitted to an increase in crime in ss17. They are powerless as they lack the manpower & resources (issues can only be solved at Federal level...our MP Wong Chen must be constantly bugged on this matter. Our ADUN can do nothing! So for the blur sotong residents,no reasons to bug Hannah on this. Her hands are tied as she is not an MP in the august house:(

The pdrm advice :eek: then :mad:
- dont go out of home unneccesary
- dont carry your valuables with you if you have to go out

WTF kinda advice????:mad:

My take:
- robbers/criminals/bad guys will continue to prey in ss17. We are sitting ducks as more SJ/USJ/PJ and some say Puchong fenced up their areas.
- We in ss17 are helpless as we cant G&G up this island of an area with 9 ingresses & egresses to school, commercial buildings, bomba, balai, petrol stations etc fringing the perimeter.

Possible/Temporary Solution:

I am a firm believer of the 'Contagion Effect'...So, please Join up and Volunteer in the SS17 RT. We have to protect our own else. We are all at high risk here...esp our female kins.

Please PM me if you are interested...Else, Bochup seow or tutup1mata or Ignore at your own risk.:cool:

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