View Full Version : ignorance? fear? pukau a.k.a. blackmagic?

02-07-2014, 06:32 PM
50hrs ago 3.30pm bright day light!:

one of the ss17 neighbour's 17yr old son was stopped by a moustached guy on cubchai. A bright & shining badge was flashed and the teenager was asked to follow the badged-man on his cubchai to a nearby park.

At the park, the teenager was searched. His Aeon Big shopping bags opened, wallet searched and everything seemingly were in good order and returned...

The badged-man hopped onto his cubchai and rode off. The teenage suddenly 'woke up' and greeted another strolling-neigbour "hello Uncle...". :)

Strolling uncle asked "what are you doing on the park bench?"...:confused:

His answer " I donno...the man with badge wanted to search me...and i let him...":rolleyes:

Strolling uncle; "anything missing?":confused:

Teenager, after looking thru his bags: "No nothing... Oh, my wallet is missing!":eek:

So whats 'appening? Blackmagic? or plain ignorance and scare stiff of the 'law' (represented by a shining badge?) or lack of parental's training, awareness and street smartness ? What d' ye think?:confused:

Yang Blursotong TIUxlatotupai:cool:

04-07-2014, 12:44 PM
Definitely pukau one. My sister kena like that 10 years ago. She was walking along and then someone tapped her on her shoulders and she could not move, she was conscious but felt her heart beat slow down dramatically. The man just coolly unclasped her gold chain and pocketed it and there was nothing that my sister could do. She said that she could not move or talk at all. After searching through her purse the man, got onto his motorcycle and while passing gave her hard tap on her back. Then only she could move. When she got home, we saw that there was a 20cents sized round bruise on her back where she was tapped. So that was that - pretty scary it was. Thank God that he only robbed her.

04-07-2014, 01:13 PM
No. Not blackmagic. Not pukau. I know what happened. The man stabbed one of those "pressure points" to freeze the victim. A very common practice in Hong Kong TVB costume drama.