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16-07-2003, 06:34 AM
Tuesday, July 15, 2003

<font size="+1">Park ride turns sour for U.S teenager</font>
Azman Abdul Ghani

WHAT was supposed to be a fun trip to Malaysia turned into a terror ride for a teenager boy from the United States when he was accidently thrown off from a ride at the Sunway Lagoon Theme Park last Saturday.

Rishikumar Daswani, 13, was ‘thrown off' the ‘African Python' – one of the waterslide rides at the park – before landing on his father's back several metres away.

The boy broke his right leg and left hand is warded at the Sunway Medical Centre. His father, Rajkumar Daswani, 47, who was seated behind him during the 4.30pm incident, told The Malay Mail that he had to let go of the slide when he realised his son was thrown off.

"It was a miracle that he somehow found his way on top of me... or else, the outcome could have been worse," said the businessman from Guam.

He said the family, including Rishikumar's mother, Jayanty, 50, was planning to spend 15 days in Malaysia. They arrived on July 2.

"That was his first ride of the day and I still could not understand how it was possible (for Rishikumar to fall on me)," he added.

After grabbing hold of Rishikumar, Rajkumar said his son kept muttering: "Baba (father), my legs hurt!".

That was when he suspected something was wrong with Rishikumar.

"His right leg became swollen and I pleaded for the attendants to call for an ambulance." He claimed that the attendants only brought them a stretcher and were too busy ‘discussing' the matter among themselves. It took an hour for the ambulance to arrive.

"This should not have happened, especially since the medical centre is just minutes away," said Rajkumar.

He said since this was his first trip to Malaysia, he did not understand the procedure on how to handle the matter in the country.

He said no police report had been made and the American Embassy has yet to be informed of the incident.

However, he is thankful to the Sunway Lagoon management and Dr Suresh George for providing treatment to his only child at the medical centre.

He said that they had to cancel all their holiday plans until Rishikumar recovers.

# DECEMBER 1998: Six people were injured on the ‘Flying Carpet' ride. An ‘Ali Baba' doll came off its moorings just as the carpet took flight and hit T.Sathievel, 14, T. Muralidaran, 13, and R. Vasudevan, 11, before slamming head-on into V. Ganesan, 20. The doll then landed on a woman seated in front while another woman who was seated near her instinctively pushed the doll away and it fell to the ground. The two women are not identified.

# NOV 20, 1997: A 29-year-old senior clerk with Bank Simpanan Nasional fell to her death during a ride on the ‘Runaway Train'.

Siti Arfah Sheikh Md Dom was believed to have fallen out of the carriage on to a rock structure before landing in a lake several metres below. Her husband Jubli Mohd Taib Taral, 32, held on to the carriage's steel railing to avoid being thrown out. Park attendants who went to Siti Arfah's aid took her to the Subang Medical Centre, but she was pronounced ‘dead on arrival'.

# JUNE 5, 1997: College student Ajit Singh, 19, narrowly escaped death after plummeting 15 metres into a mining pool while bungee-jumping. It was said that Ajit plunged into the three-metre deep pool when the cord around his ankles slipped off. Ajit was not injured in the ‘freak accident'.

# NOV 26, 1996: Five children were admitted to hospital after being exposed by what was believed to be chlorine gas in a swimming pool at the Water Park. It is learnt the children lost consciousness while swimming about 5.15pm. Chong Kha Ching, six, began coughing and was taken to the first-aid centre for treatment by her father, Chow Leong, 31.

Later, four other children, between 12 and 13, also started coughing and were taken for treatment by the worker.

# FEBRUARY, 1993: A 12-year-old girl had her hair entangled in a mechanical brush while swimming in the pool. She was freed after the machine was turned off by one of the life guards.


Thanks Irina for thepointer.

16-07-2003, 02:48 PM
my wife and i have vowed never to go to sunway theme park, neither land or water. ever since the past 2 incidences that were reported in the papers, we have lost faith in the management of the park.

it's frightening to read that people can get injured while at the park, yet the management doesn't seem to be taking any action to remedy the faults.

16-07-2003, 04:41 PM
Wednesday, July 16, 2003

<font size="+1">Theme park begins probe</font>

THE Sunway Lagoon Theme Park has begun a full-scale investigation following an accident last Saturday involving a teenage boy from Guam, United States.

Its director of group communications, Sharzede Salleh Askor, said that until the investigations are complete, they are unable to conclusively determine what caused the boy to fall off the African Python waterslide ride.

The Malay Mail reported yesterday that 13-year-old Rishikumar Daswani had a terror ride as he was accidentally thrown off from the ride before landing on his father's back.

Sharzede said that when the incident occurred about 5.30pm, the boy was immediately attended to by a team of six lifeguards who rendered first aid.

"The park's van then rushed Rishikumar to the Sunway Medical centre where is warded for follow-up treatment." The boy, who broke his right leg and left hand, is expected to be discharged sometime today.

His father, businessman Rajkumar Daswani, 47, said his son is recovering although his leg is still in a cast.

"My son will have to come back for weekly check-ups. It was a good thing that he landed on me. I can't imagine what would have happened if otherwise," said Rajkumar in a telephone interview yesterday evening.

Having visited many other theme parks around the world, he is surprised how such an accident could have happened.

"My son loves to go on rides at theme parks. I would take him on vacation every three months, visiting various theme parks around the world. This is the first time this has ever happened to us." Rajkumar said that he has yet to inform the US Embassy here of the incident.

In the statement, Sharzede said the resort's water park rides have complied with the safety standards of the World Theme Parks Association.

"Our rides strictly undergo the prescribed technical checks as stipulated by the manufacturers," she said.


16-07-2003, 05:08 PM
In 1997, when I was with ABB, I once went to Sunway Lagoon to enquire if we could render our electrical services for their motors, pumps, transformers etc. I had a rude shock when I found their MCCB's (circuit breakers basically) and other forms of electrical equipments which requires periodic servicing was left unattended. When asked why, I get the reply,"NO BUDGET!". But hey, we are talking about lives here!

All of us know, when your circuit breakers fail, you are screwed!! Just wait for over-voltage or current and BAM!!

Now, with Siemens, still doing the same kind of work, I don't do business with Sunway Lagoon. They want things at a very low price. Quality, laterlah, kawan!! On the contrary, A'Famosa Water World is an excellent customer for us. They spend on their electrical maintenance, periodic checks are carried out, function tests are regularly done. Now, from my point of view, having been in these places for FREE at anytime of the day and having seen the things that I see (chicks with HOT bikinis included), I tell you, I have never taken my family to Sunway Lagoon(SL) since 98'. Why?! Well, in the first place, the chicks at SL are not as hot as the ones in A'F(S'poreans and Honkies) and the other thing is that the plcae is not SAFE!! Trust me, don't take any rides which are electrically and mechanically operated. If it's suicide, PLEASE GO AHEAD!!!

On the hand, for all you folks who would love to spend your holidays in A'F, in a 3 or 4 room bungalow with its own swimming pool, at a very reasonable price, I've got some 'jalan'. Send me a mail and I'll help you guys.


20-07-2003, 12:21 PM
The problem with a lot of Malaysian companies is that they tend to cut costs on maintenance. They would rather spend on the obvious stuff rather than on those things that people cannot see. The other thing is the pr work done. If you all can recall, you can hardly find adverse news on the more popular hill resort (can't name them for obvious reasons). There have been mishaps and accidents but they were not reported. Why, it is because a lot of money and effort had been spent to cover it up. Those things that they can't cover, you also don't find very much written. If you all recall the loan sharks fighting for territory and two got gunned down, how is it that the authorities are aware of what is happening so quickly and since they know the dead is the no 2 in loan sharking at the resort, what have they done to nab the no1 and the no3 and no4 loan sharks? Surely if you know who is no 2 you will know who is no1 or is it they are 'allowed' to operate there?