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14-12-2013, 03:24 PM
past 2-3weeks I have been receiving a call from a very persistent number 012xxx....I wouldn't take any incoming call from an unknown mobile. So I asked then told myself, if it was that important, the person will call again when I am back to this land of endless possibilities....

And SYV did. Twice!

2 nights ago, at 9+pm...a local 012xxx malay speaking SYV #1 rang and I picked up ..waited and mumbled 'yuppp'. She rattled on at faster than my bike speed, that it is a survey for a big telco co...to keep her talking, i put her on speaker & mumbled the occasional "yuppp..' whilst multitasking Fbook and uploading pix...and it went for maybe 5mins, and she went "hello?, hello encik?...hello? boleh dengar? encik? encik?" - click! she put down.

3hours ago this morning, another call came thru, this time, but an indonesian prefix appeared. Another malay speaking SYV came on and rattled off the same thingy about a survey for a mobile co and I was to answer some questions blahbalh...to my occasional 'yupppp'...so after another ???mins, she went "hello? encik? hello? boleh dengar? hello? " to my "yuppp"..then she wnet "hello, encik, you kelaka lah...hello, ini serious, ada hadiah..Hello? Hello? kelakar lah..." and klik it went.:confused:

so, my question: was that a scam to get me to answer some irrelevant questions and then hook one of them answers, to say I have just been the 100008th being lucky drawn to win USD1000000?

I do wonder and might get sleepless nights, if I really forgo my instant millionaireship...how? Whats you think ah?:confused:

Yang Bo answer strange calls TIUxlatotupai:cool:

p/s SYV is Sweet Young Voice, was left talking to 'air' while i did my own thing lah...poor thing.:(

18-12-2013, 02:23 PM
O...in my boredom, I decided to pick up this 'private number' after umpteen 'unknown numbers' & 'private numbers' sinc ethe last 012 and the the Indonesian prefix...

So, after I askd why would the number be listed as 'private': the tale went "... as an outsourced com appointed by public bank. blahblahblah..as a loyal customer of public bank, you have been selected...."

I decided to clicked off in her fast midstream rattlings...Betcha they will try again as now my mobile is proven to be a 'live one'...They tried a few daysa go in BM then English and then they asked do I speak manadarin...betcha a call will come thru where the caller will be speaking putong hua to me...

And I cant banned/barred this as 'private numbeers' is not numbers per se...hmmmm.

I think I just turned down a repeated offer (in 2 langauges thus far)of USD100000 or more, as a LOYAL user of less than 2times a month publicbank card in petrol purchases.:eek: after turning down a prize money award form a Telco...

Yang Berkena SPAMMED TIUxlatotupai:eek: