View Full Version : ss17 RT wannabe???

23-10-2013, 03:53 PM
8.30pm tonite there is a meeting in a Volunteer's home.

Agenda for the meeting is as follows:-

1. Draft Survey Form finalisation

2. Road Representatives – Appointment

3. Updates on RT application

4. Any other matters

Know that NO ONE is going to look out for your home/street, unless you 1st volunteer to do so. :cool:

PM me for details if you want to participate for YOUR own protection & peace of mind. Thanks.

Yang Berkhidmat sikit utk ss17 ONLY TIUxlatotupai:cool:

18-12-2013, 11:34 AM
The above was postponed for the usual reason...NOT enough interested parties...

We will try again for a January do..an 'off-beat' launch of sort, an intro by the ADUN & even MP's office, the Govt Ministry in charge of RT and the Zone 1 reps....hopefully, with enough publicity around sss17 island...we can get the residents to come to the public park in ss17/2 (opposite ss15 Giant) to attend and Insyallah, God Willing, Omitofoo, Ti-Ah-Kong po-pi will sign up....

SS17 resident interested, pls pm me.

Yang Berwishful thinking TIUxlatotupai:cool: