View Full Version : The gift of rain

29-09-2013, 06:21 PM
By Tan Twan Eng
Isbn : 9781905802142

I bought this book few months back, wanted to know why this book was longlisted for the man booker prize 2007.

I only get to read them 2 days ago since I have been immobile.

I love his writing, the way he described a scene; I can instantly visualize and drawn into feeling, smelling the atmosphere/circumstance he tried to bring out. Some parts of the story are familiar scenes, as they are similar to what my mother had told me before, and some posters and paintings I have seen before.

Yet the whole storyline is still captivating, I read till 3am in the morning and reluctantly put on hold. When I finished the last line of the story, I turn to the back and front of the book to look for more words to read. I was looking for more to engross into.

As one commentator said, "a wonderful book, full of life"

01-10-2013, 01:39 PM
Since this is a historical fiction, it tells familiar story of world war II period, if you like to have an idea of how it was like but didn't have your elders to tell you the story, then try this book.

Some review from other readers;