View Full Version : shoot-out: CRV vs CX5 Vs Sportage (Vs Camry last choice)

21-09-2013, 01:55 PM
Ok, I aint no expert when it comes to almost similar 'class' 4wheel-tin-can under the Rm150K budget...BUT any comments from owners of

- honda 4th gen CRV, reputation uphold?
- mazda CX5 4-6mth wait list:eek:
- kia Sportage ?
- subaru XV - under stated/promoted but discount rm16K is cheapest now at rm135k otr...

..and of course, seemingly all have terrible after sales service.:eek:

Yang Blur4wheels ToonIstimewaUtamaXlatotupai:confused:

p/s of course, getting a rm150k Camry is the easiest choice too.:p

21-09-2013, 05:43 PM
If you are looking at MPV type of wheels ... the BEST DEAL and VALUE for money is ... new Proton 1.6 Exora BOLD (Premium) ... all in ... RM80K ... can BUY TWO for your budget !! :D http://www.proton4sale.com/exora.php

It has got very good reviews ...

Last 2 offerings by Proton are actually "a nudge above" their peers in the same class ... Suprima S and Exora Bold ... but being a Proton, they have to carry the decades old "negative branding baggage" ...

Pity ... pretty good cars ...

21-09-2013, 08:32 PM
...my friend said "No ploton lah....powered window might not work after 1-2yr...":heheheh:

btw, If you trust the reviews or any automoblie review...you will be taken lah:rolleyes:
...Publishers value the advertising $$$ more than the reader's subs lah...and 'test/review driver's words can be easily phrased with mere half truth told.:eek:

ANYWAY...Any owner of the above car out there?

Yang Bertulis utk majalah TIUxlatotupai:cool:

27-09-2013, 10:26 AM
I won’t touch kia and honda becos these are apanama franchised vehicle..

It is a crime for crv to claim itself as 4wd :mad: (judging from the power output).. !!

p/s (1): rm150k is stiff for a 4wd, maybe ok for 3wd or 2.5wd !!

p/s (2) : I know who is your "friend" !! :cool: :p ..Tell him to get a XC60 ..

02-10-2013, 05:52 PM
my fren had a spin in that subaru impreza crossover...told me WHAT a ride! and the controlled drift at the infamous Kemajuan loop was max thrill! :heheheh: with a couple pax hanging for dear life!:heheheh:

the adrenalin rush of such road hugging machine is priceless...:heheheh:

it was also a rush and effortless seconds to reach 150kph! WOW!

What a great car for any young@heart speedster gearhead.:eek:

CRV is reputed to be a hairdresser's car. The hairdresser wears pink shirt & lime pants...Oh! and aging hair dresser too...

CX5 has many freebies PLUS a drive shaft 'knock' that came 'bout after 5000clicks. Same 'knock' was in the democar and was repeated mentioned in the forum...tsk*tsk*tsk*PLUS a 4-5months wait!:eek:

Also i think my friend aledy bought a camry....:cool: