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28-12-2012, 10:38 AM
I believe you guys are aware of this - the 1pm gomen was ranked second in the world of illicit outflow of money in 2010 alone.

Quote :
" Malaysia recorded only US$278.7 billion of GDP last year and barely squeezed into the world's 35th spot in nominal GDP, but was ranked second with a loss of US$64.38 billion worth of illicit money in 2010 alone! "

Quote :
" It is not the first shameful ranking for Malaysia. The country was also ranked fifth in the world with a total US$291 billion of cumulative illicit financial outflows from the year 2000 to 2008."

Read here : http://www.mysinchew.com/node/81124

28-12-2012, 11:25 AM
Aside from some keh leh feh coming out to vilify the accuracy of the figures or the existence of the agency coming out with the figures all the culprits have kept very very quiet lest the shit hits the fan and they get struck .

28-12-2012, 03:06 PM
I thought the outflows were due to businessmen transferring their ill-gotten gains but when you see that the money wasn't going to HK, Singapore or Mauritius or Cayman, you realise these are not profits or distributed profits from legit businesses. The big sums are going to places like UK and Switzerland, wow, wow and another wow! Then the report emanating out of UK: Malaysians own 14,000 major real estate assets in UK, another wow!

I better go look for a corner lot somewhere in Knightsbridge and start preparing a teh tarek, roti canai and murtabak joint coz I think there will soon be an influx of retired politikus moving there soon.... time to make hay....