View Full Version : SS17&19 anti-crime VOLUNTARY PATROL

08-11-2012, 01:19 PM
This morning while doing my solo round, i was rather surprised to see Mr Mak and a police officer in the Voluntary Patrol car (donated thru by Adun Hannah Yeoh's alloted community budget):)

So WHy then am i surprisd? Well, it is simply becos despite a few attempts visiting homes as well as in shopping complexed, we can hardly get any volunteers in SS17 & 19 to do their part.

Mr Mak continues to play a rle in our Zone 1 inspite of his residency is in USJ area.
I think the residents of SS17 & 19 wh:cool:o have access to this forum to please volunteer and get your neighbors to do so too. With a few volunteers in place, Its only a few hrs of ronda (with a cop as your company) a month!

The car & petrol expense are taken care of...You only need to contribute your time.:)

If interested, Please contact Mr Mak directly, so that he can plan the schedule to your convenience.

Mr Mak 0123836508.

If you do call him, tell him that the 'Masked biker' :cool: in Green or was it Orange or was it Black or some say White bike, truly appreciates his effort this morning.:heheheh:


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