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24-05-2003, 08:48 AM
If anything thinks that its woes are over with the resignation of the two leaders, they must be in an extreme state of delusion. It is just a fight carried on to the next generation of leaders. OKT will do a lee kim sai on ckc for sure once he is more secure in his seat and ckc will be a lame duck. I don't see it in their faces that they are terribly relieved that the whole thing is over. Maybe they have been spinning this for too long so no one actually believes a word of what they say.

24-05-2003, 09:33 AM
The longer the fight, the more members will leave. One day, MCA will be reduced to yet another Pariah Party. We have one already and this one is still courting the UMNO bigwigs to try to gain favour to join the BN., only the gurad won't let him in.

I like to put this to all who care about MCA., whoever fight, they are out, both parties, A or B, out they go. Simple logic: if they fight as a team to defence the interest of the community they represent, it is their duty, their job, they are paid for. If they fight to protect their own pockets, to exterminate opponents within the party, pre-emtive strike of any sorts to root out potential challengers and care NOT a second the survival of MCA., I think they should leave. Politikus like that are not doing their worth!

So, Dr. M's advice that both leave is indeed a good plan!

But now, the cronies are fighting agian. The sequal. I am getting my ass out of MCA.. Could I join UNMO, I do not have a BIN behind my name?

24-05-2003, 10:34 AM
I don't think you can ever leave mca once you join. what is done is that your membership fees will be paid by someone. what they want is your name so they can say they have so many members and these 'departed' members can vote for them.

24-05-2003, 12:06 PM
This is scary!

Undi hantu.

Is that means we have no way out, really?

24-05-2003, 12:13 PM
A couple of years ago, my office was located at Wisma Perdana (where ling leong sik MOT office was as well). In my 5 years or so there, i bumped into this 'practitioner' of sun tzu's art of war himself in the lift (surrounded by aides?cronies?) SO i took the chance and asked him about the issue of chinese unity in relation to national unity...his answer?

leongsik: " yes, i understand the issues. but what are u doing about it?"

keith::confused: "Huh? what r u doing about
it?":mad: "i voted for mca!!!"
:mad: and I think it was a mistake!":mad: :mad: :mad:

leongsik: "maybe u would like to join the mca party":D

keith: "...as in money come agency?"

leongsik's crony/aide: "errr..we have reached our floor..."

My point here? I simply do not want to waste my vote again...I also would like to join a party where all citizens are accoreed the same rights and where we have laws to send politikus and race instigators to jail.

tupai:mad: but still luvvvv this country like hell:)

24-05-2003, 01:15 PM
Talk of realpolitik here.

The Ong-Chan combination will ensure status quo between Team and Team B remain for a while until the general election is over.

Dr M and Pak Lah wants to see that happen as UMNO still needs MCA to deliver the Chinese votes.

Which means, as a united front, each Team will have its fair say in deciding who should go to contest as parliament and state assembly candidates. And probably nominees to the local councils too.

Both Ong and Chan have their respective machais to take care of.

In Selangor, there are two state Exco seats reserved for MCA, one each for Team A and Team B, now represented by Ch'ng Toh Eng and Tang See Hung respectively.

Tang is expected to be retired (he has done 3 terms) , while Ch'ng is clamouring to contest as the MCA Youth chief to extend his political life-cycle as his mentor Ting Chew Peh is heading sunset.

Look at the picture below, Ch'ng grabs the camera position in between Ong and Chan like a sore d*ck:

<img src="http://www.thestar.com.my/archives/2003/5/24/nation/n_pg01newly.JPG" align="left" vspace="5" hspace="10">It looks like Ch'ng is in the position of power, and Team A's quota for Selangor state Exco is filled.

If Tang's Exco seat is reserved for Team B, that will bring a big disappointment for Lee Hwa Beng, who is said to be salivating for an Exco post the next hour after his re-election as Subang Jaya ADUN in 1999.

Will Lee fight Ch'ng, or seek greener pastures at the Federal level now that he is three inches within Ong Ka Ting's ear.

Lee is Treasurer of Selangor MCA of which Ong is the state chief.

Meanwhile, read Star executive editor Wong Chun Wai's commentary: MCA feuds are due to intense jostling for government positions:

24-05-2003, 01:53 PM
All of them are frigging losers. albeit rich frigging losers. IMHO the status quo team a and b has remained. There is still a team a and b. Ling has become too much of a hot potato for the ruling coalition but he would not go if lim does not go as it would mean lim taking over as president. So lim also has to go, no problem since in the first place he wanted to go. So the coalition goes into an election with a still divided mca. This can be seen from the absence of chua, otk and wong mook leong who were stalwarts of the team b. They could have considered ting or chua to lead but that would too obvious and they can't spin the line that the leaders are making way for new blood and I can forsee this new blood will be spilled all over as soon as the elections are announced and candidates are jostling for seats councillors position. There will be a lot of horse trading and eventually someone will draw a sword and strike blood.

As jeff has mentioned all the dicks are jostling to be photographed behind the two 'leaders' if one could call them that!! If anyone has seen this okt talk on tv in bahasa. I am actually not only ashamed to be a chinese but also to be a malaysian.!!!!!

24-05-2003, 01:54 PM
Say what we may, without MCA., the Chinese will be marginalised. Worse, will even become a pariah overnight. And this is the sad fact. Even with the current political equation of power sharing and the status quo social contract, the "Penyagak" within the ruling coalition are lurking at our door steps waiting to devour us of whatever left in our side of the plates. Given half the chance, they will rise up like a wayang kulit generals! (shadow larger than actual size). Remember what Mat Taib(the once Selangor MB. who carried millions in various currencies to Australia and claimed the money not belong to him when cornered by the Australian immigration?) once said this back in 1986s: "It was perhaps a mistake for the Alliance to invite MCA into the coalition!". Can you believe this?

Therefore, frustrated I may be, but my vote would still go to MCA.. Lee Hwa Beng can sleep now.

25-05-2003, 04:51 AM
All of them are frigging losers. albeit rich frigging losers.

saml's point is worth gold in this context.

can anybody name 5 good things MCA has done for the chinese other than blow hot air?

ok that may be tough.

name One.


25-05-2003, 07:08 AM
Just name one. UTAR?
A private universirty, thepublic was solicited to donate some RM200 million.
It's owned by the Chinese (MCA) or Malaysians?

25-05-2003, 09:14 AM
I don't think utar is owned by mca. If i am not wrong it is legally owned by a board of trustees who have used the mca name to collect funds and to use the funds as it deems fit ala the shares in star being used to take over nanyang. The shares in star is held in trust for mca or whoever and these clowns have control over the use and disposal of the shares. That is why they can mortgage the shares in star to pay for the shares in nanyang i.e if i am not wrong.

Anyway university licences are a dime a dozen, look at all those university branches and unitar and the programs run by the private colleges. For them to take 20 over years to get the licence and bleat(that is for goats) over their 'achievement' is all bull ****e and i believe that a lot of funds collected were by arm twisting. I even saw a 'support utar' by buying lee kum kee oyster sauce. I told myself now i know what oyster sauce not to buy!!! If these fellas had been able to get a licence to run the uni as it so desires, then I take off my hat and pants for them. They talk so much about the mother tongue. If they can run the uni in their mother tongue(what ever that is) then i say they have really achieved something. Personally I do not believe they should run a uni in a language other than english since it is the most widely accepted language for international commerce and communication, although that is contentious. What is the point of churning out graduates who are not able to communicate with the outside world.

I am all for learning the mother tongue but let us not get carried away with racialistic and nationalistic emotions but again the language issue is a contentious issue and here we are only talking about a group of people with little or no abilities who purportedly represent a particular race in this country of ours. The very thought sends shivers up my spine.