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23-05-2003, 11:54 PM
I want to know how the us came to be so blinded by the media blitz. It's amazing how easily our heads were turned by the television screen, our eyes and minds blinded and gagged with the bull**** news reports of us saving the iraqi people. i'm an american, and in one year i'm moving out of this country to probably New Zealand. It's getting ridiculous over here. People are just plain stupid about what's really going on. i' look at international newspapers, and use common sense, to realise that the us is going back to it's imperialistic ways,and iraq is now a new colony. now we've sent troops to i think it was indonesia? correct me if i'm wrong. We're taking over all of the major oil wells around the globe and its sickening. We are building more enemies by the day, and we even tried to **** with China. hello, their army is bigger than our poplulation. china is smart, they know that the us is in financial trouble and world trouble, they're just sitting back bidding their time. Did you know that China owns most of the businesses and property in the us? why, because we were so broke, we borrowed money from them to further our capitalist greed, and we are in debt to their banks. Further more, the american dollar is a freaking joke, it was once based on gold, and now its as useless as toilet paper. it has nothing absolutely nothing to back it up. the us is going slowly down the toilet, and to be honest i'm glad. maybe that will force it to start over again from the ground up, and form a society based on the needs of the everyday worker instead of the CEO's.

24-05-2003, 04:36 AM
hey rhozepetal...

why don't you make a stop by malaysia and check it out. i'm sure a lot of us usj-ians would not mind showing you around ;)

in fact i have quite a few american friends who've moved over and called malaysia home. i think they were surprised to find that we are far more advanced and developed than bill o'reilly would like to have you believe ;)

we don't quite hate americans, but we do wish they would be more tolerant.

eitherway, hope you find your happiness somewhere, anywhere. and i heard NZ is a nice place.


24-05-2003, 08:33 AM
Taking off on a tangent...

I still remember reading a sci-fi story for kids, "The War of The Triffids", in school. In that story, New Zealand was like the most remote part of the world and NZ was spared colonisation by an alien race of invaders that made people blind.

Seems prophetic when we look at rhozephetal's comments.

Correction :
John Wyndham's "The Day of The Triffids"
Ref : http://www.scifi.com/sfw/issue73/classic.html

And NZ came into the picture in another John Wyndham's book entitled "The Chrysalids"
Ref: http://www.scifi.com/sfw/issue248/classic.html

Got them both mixed up.

24-05-2003, 09:06 AM
NZ.. Nice place, you can even drink water right out of the ground from melted snow. If you do the same here, you will be dead the next day from e-coli poisoning.

About American. Michael Moore in his book "Stupid White Men" would tell you more.

I have many American friends. They are good and decent people. Half of whom I know of would not agree with Bush's way of pushing his imperialist agenda. One of them even wrote me a personal mail to apologise for whatever happened in Iraq.

Last year on my trip to USA., there was a case of mail-box bombs. There was this guy who went around the country with explosive sticks in envelopes. His modus operandi was to put the parcel in someone's mail box with the intention to kill when the owner open the parcel. Many people were badly hurt, some dead before the FIB caught him.

While the FBI was frantically searching for this man, many were pointing their fingers at 'Muslim Terrorist" until the boys's father reported his son to the FBI. He was a white man son!

The same happened during the Oklahoma boming! That guy was white, 100% white! But until the FBI found out, he was a "Muslim Terrorist"! Can you believe this? Americans?

25-05-2003, 05:05 AM
hey uchangeng, you read stupid white men? good book, yeah. an eye opener. i heard it sold out in kl.

you're right to notice that ppl stereotype to a certain extent if you're not white, that you're probably a terrorist if you're the brown sort of asian/ african. if you're more the yellow sort, you're a commie. i found that especially true in america. i even experienced racism in.... Disneyland. Fark the happy mouse and friends, that place is a monopolistic racist hole hell bent on making money from tourists they'd openly insult.

i notice when i travel around in western nations, it's always the small fart guards who pick out non-whites for questioning or to be searched, you know the kinda guys who got bullied in school but now have a badge and some power and are hell bent on using it. the uneducated type. (i don't mean that academically)

i have been stopped several times, but i noticed never when i'm travelling with my white bf.

he hates it too, as do a lot of other whites. notably because the real drug lords/ terrorists are slipping through with no problems, whilst the innocent are getting bullied, giving their country a bad name.

and when i do get stopped i notice they expect to pull aside a real dumb ass, when they see my law books next to my passport and they realise they're dealing with some brains ("oh you're doing your LLB") they shy away and let me go faster than i could shout "HUMAN RIGHTS" or "LAW SUIT".

also helps that i'm engaged to one of their countrymen. makes them think twice before they give me trouble... not an easy target as they would have hoped.

ppl have asked me whether i'd give up my malaysian passport for a british/ italian one when i get married. hell no!

Berani Kerana Benar


25-05-2003, 05:13 AM
then again, our dear friends at imbi/ low yatt/ petaling street/ etc. do make it a point to offer the same goods at different prices depending on race/ nationality.

the way some ppl treat their foreign maids is beyond deplorable.

then there's the racists ads in the classifieds, i'm sure this forum can't forget that one!

at the same time our PDRM has gotten a nice rapping on their knuckles from the Indian government for the racist treatment of their IT professionals.

god knows if they've stopped with that, i just got an email from an indian friend last week who went to a pub in PJ that got raided, and then got hauled to the station with a whole bunch of indians. this was whilst all the malays and chinese were let off the scott free, no need for the humiliating urine tests and what not.

i guess we're just as bad!