View Full Version : Playing with fire crackers

29-07-2012, 03:30 PM
I'm really sad and horrified when reading dire consequences playing with these things.
Yes, I know its fun, quite a thrill and so appealing to kids who mostly don't think of any consequences.
Its sad to read that many cases are in rural areas where kids are left playing on their own and only God may keep them safe from harm.
Prevention is certainly better than cure, a full or partial ban is needed in this land where people may not be trusted to handle them carefully and dire consequences are imminent. Nevertheless these things seem easily available around festive seasons.
We can have sufficient laws, preventive measures and nationwide discouragement of playing with these things but time and again, almost every year there's some report of fatalities or serious injuries. Its mind boggling to think why there's always just as many people who don't learn anything. Bodoh atau otak batu? Sigh!
When people don't learn anything and it becomes a serious issue with dire consequences, naturally, the gahmen have to step in and implement more laws and acts which one day people will view all this collectively as part of a very restrictive and over regulated country, this cannot that cannot, numerous things cannot?..."No!" would be a more common word than "YES!". Who's to blame? If rakyat don't learn anything, a very likelyhood of more laws and acts in future in the name of safeguarding your life and future.