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26-07-2012, 02:02 PM
I will be meeting the OCS and his top brass later at ss17 balai.

Any1 in ss17 got anything to spill/praise/complain/say and would want me to bring up?:confused:

If u r residents here, u'd have my mobile. Call me after 5pm with your list...



26-07-2012, 03:05 PM
If u r residents here, u'd have my mobile.

u must have missed my house when (presumably) you dropped ur namecard into my mailbox!

anyway, the main grouse would be the high crime rate occurring right behind the balai.. almost every house has been broken into over the past few years; some twice, and some even more.

would appreciate the patrol cars taking the "scenic route" when they return to base, ie make a detour to the few roads behind the balai before they clock out

I would also like to point out the crime profile:

1. break-ins happen from 7pm-9pm, especially during stormy weather
2. there are some people wearing "Indah Water" shirts walking around, but they are not doing anything, except prying into the houses
3. is it possible for pdrm to conduct checks on suspicious looking characters lurking around the area? especially when they are riding on a motorcycle with full-faced helmets, wearing dark long sleeved shirts, long pants and shoes? Note: they always wear shoes in case they need to abandon their bikes and make a run for it


26-07-2012, 08:40 PM
nope...i dont drop my name card in any home...I dont have one, for this type of unappreciated community work.
I do it outta concern for MY own small area, ss17/2 a,b,c,d playground area and ss19/6. Period.

I will relate to the Chief Ins Sulaiman & his bosses in a short while. Thanks for the feedback.

27-07-2012, 08:27 AM
... for this type of unappreciated community work.

oh.. ur too modest.. of course u are appreciated.

since we are on the subject of tupai, u may want to start some sort of conservation program for the tupais that frolic the area. nice to see some sort of wildlife scurrying about in the evenings. don't want our children/grandchildren growing up thinking that our world is mono-specie-fic

since u have an interest in SS17/2, do u have a contingency plan to defend that precious playground next to the LRT station? every time I pass by, I can't help to think that ... one day, this will become a giant car park!

27-07-2012, 01:47 PM
Tuan Sulaiman's bosses (tmb OCPD and OCPD himself) promised to have the ronda going around the inner circle of ss17...and to do so at a slower drive.:D Also will order the men to check out the loitering characters in uniform-Tshirt.

In the event you see any suspicious vehicle/bike/pedestrians or even openly cavorting tupais:p,
pls contact
- OCS Chief Insp Tuan Sulaiman 0193707100 or Insp Tuan Ariffin - 012 5037637 or
Balai Polis SS17 - 03 5633 2222
- SJ Ops Center 0356319809
- TmB OCPD - Supt Tan 0196256363 if the above are not responding to your call.

Lets just say that so far all those previous calls made by me, had seen the Patrol car arriving within 5-10min ...in fact a 3am call once saw them in the park under 4mins! *tabik spring*

BTW, are you interested to be part of ss17 pdrm/resident Joint-Patrol unit? PM me mobile/name/address details if u r.

The ss17/2 main park issue will be highlighted and reminded to the authorities & mpsj & councillor etcetc...
*drum rolls*:cool:

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