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14-05-2003, 03:26 AM
m writing this as I cant find any relevant topic/info on this at this site.

Many moons ago, one afternoon, I noticed a motorcycle with two people riding up & down our street many times, they were scrutinizing each house! I managed to get their no plate. Knowing they were up to no good, when they rode pass again, I braved myself & stood right in front of my gate & stared angrily at them, with my arms on my waist, (pretended actually, and I did shivered), a simple act I learnt from mum/teachers when I was a naughty kid but it did worked, they never came back, at least for that afternoon. I informed our street Neighbourhood Watch Committee of the vehicle no. A further check revealed the same motorcycle had been on our street on many occasions, seen by some of the night patrol members, and recorded on the logbook.

There are many Neighbourhood Watch Groups within USJ/SJ, I believe most if not all of them have a log book or some sort to record down their patrol encounter, etc. (better start if you dont have one yet)

Suggestion: can we have a page set-up on this site to record down all the vehicle number plates that had been listed as suspicious vehicle. In addition to that, to consolidate & analyze the data from all recorded sources & to display at this site for all residents/reader to view. Useful info includes number of occurrence (how many times the same vehicle had appeared in a street, in an area, in USJ, in SJ), when (date info may indicate the last date a vehicle was seen) etc. Which info (number plate) had been submitted to the police (if there is such practice), what is the result (false plate? Any action taken, etc)

The objective of this exercise is to consolidate & disseminate to all of such useful info recorded so far, instead of letting it sit on a hardcopy page, doing nothing. If this info is shared, each of us may be at advantage & capable of a more appropriate action (excluding confrontation or taking law into your own hands) when we see a listed suspect, or at least fear is no longer in us as we are aware and beware of them, in a way shoo-ing them away.

This may seem a tedious task but only so at the beginning stage. Furthermore, the recorded info if it exist is considered half the work done.

If this is deemed to be a valid thing to do, could somebody (website & all the committees) start the ball rolling please? If this is not possible, please could somebody at least explain why? Likewise, any further suggestion, agreement/disagreement or whatsoever among the reader, please reply.

If YOU think this is useful info to have on this site but u r speechless, please at least reply I Agree simply, so that all committees/related party cannot escape & will hv to marry this info onto this site lah

Who knows, the data could probably be a source for 4D kaki im not encouraging gambling here, m not one myself, and sorry if you are offended, just my way to end this piece and hopefully some can memorize those suspicious numbers better, the 4D way mmh.

14-05-2003, 07:17 AM
although i think robbery is horrible, and ppl openly scouting out for houses is bad, i think that posting number plates is taking things too far.

what happens if it's just a bunch of friends looking for another friends house, and makes a few rounds?

mistakes can be made.... i think that it's wrong to post number plates online.... there's criminal liability attached to wrongfully accussing someone of something.

better move, take the number plate down. if there's a robbery, hand it in to the police with the information, so they can scout it out themselves. best we don't take the crime fighting too far into our own hands.


14-05-2003, 12:08 PM
I am sure the NW patrol members know the difference betw a suspicious-looking vehicle & some fellows looking for friends. They know their neighbours well, they know their street well. Ive seen the logbook of one NW group, the NW members did stated whether a vehicle is a friendly one or not, obviously they are smart enough to differentiate. Some fellows looking for friends at USJ 11, at USJ 5, USJ 2, etc etc in the wee hours of many mornings, daytimes/nights doesnt make sense, this can only be realized if such data is to be consolidated.

If this is not possible on-line, is it possible for all the committee of all NW groups to share such info, if it exist, off-line then. Recording down no of occurrence does not point to accusation, as long as there is no statement done and carefully done, furthermore such info already exist but only to limited audience within one NW group.

I thought NW is to prevent or at least minimize crime, it will be too late to pass on such info to police after a crime had (robbery/car theft/etc) happened, furthermore we all know what is the normal reaction from the police after a crime had taken place, chances are the no. plate is false, they cant do anything by then, can they. The scenario will be different if the numbers are passed on to the police as suspicious-looking fellows. A consolidated data will help justify a check/look out by the police on patrol.

14-05-2003, 12:54 PM
Maybe it's time you all started looking up the following websites

USJ18 Crime Watch Report (http://usj18.nwatch.net.my/)


USJ23 Crime Alert around USJ (http://www.usj23.com/snitz/forum.asp?FORUM_ID=15)

Concerned community leaders spent both time and a lot of effort to collate these weekly/daily reports so that you are kept aware of the various dangers around us.

Neighbourhood Watch Groups are working more closely with the Police than you know.

Contact your N/W Group for more information, an interesting new development is on the way with regards to crime reporting.

But right now, what is needed is for concerned Residents like you to step forward and spread the news that something is being done, it would make for all the work to be really worth while.

14-05-2003, 04:07 PM
No one is advocating anyone to bash up any suspicious looking characters. We have every right to offer our assistance to anyone who 'seems' lost so that they know that they have been noticed and if there is any breakins they would probably be questioned, not necessaril jailed just because they were in the vicinity. It is more a deterring action.

14-05-2003, 04:18 PM
ziion, there are dangers in affecting human liberties as well as accusing the wrong people, and giving the residents a false sense of security when one intends to do that.

while i advocate remaining helpful and possibly taking down the car plate or bike plate for personal reference, and maybe follow up later if there is a case, it's another thing if we're talking about full swing taking down of number plates and sharing it with neighbours, or putting it online.

it is wrong and would open us to great criticism and possible criminal and tortious liability if somebody posted an innocent bystander's number plate. technically even the potential criminal can criticise and attack, and bring the police onto the residents for accusing him of something he did not commit.

i'm not sure if it's a good deterrent but i'm confident that instead it could infuriate a lot of people.

there is a place to do that, and that's with the police. what happens if ppl are mistakenly suspicious? and there are some out there who are more suspicious than others. they take down the number of a person on a bike 'because he's not from town' when he could possibly be an innocent bystander. which is why, eyewitness accounts in court account for almost nothing unless the evidence is corroborated.

and just because a guy is circling the neighbourhood on a bike, it doesnt mean he's up to anything. ppl have a right to free movement, which includes such things.

these days courts are reluctant to take that "i saw him, he looked like this" type evidence because ppl have proven to be overly suspicious where crimes are involved. it affects their judgement, and they are not trained professionally to do so.

many innocent ppl have gone to jail and the real guys go scott free because of this.

best leave it to the police - they are professional and can handle these issues properly. not the neighbourhood 'uncle'.


15-05-2003, 02:29 AM
TQ robertec, keep up the good work! sorry i didn't know there are separate sites for usj 18 & 23. i had tried many times & days to view the pages under 'N Watch' at usj.com.my - it is stated as 'under maintenance'.

Found the link for 'usj 23' under 'Communities', i supposed the link for 'usj 18' is under 'N Watch'. Just a thought, perhaps this can be reorganised - usj 23 link is grouped under 'N Watch' just like the rest?

quick questions -
- how many NW groups are there in USJ & SJ?
- how many of these groups have their records/reports collated so far? i supposed any NW group who has not done so can contact you?

15-05-2003, 09:04 PM
You're welcome Ziion

USJ18 and USJ23 Websites were originally created to cater for their individual Communities; however, due to the close rapport that the various N/W Groups have there has been a slight change in the basic objective to include trying to serve the greater Community.

These are some of the active Neighbourhoods

USJ5 - N/W
USJ9 - (in slumber)
USJ11 - (in slumber)
USJ12 - N/W
USJ13 - RT
USJ16 - N/W
USJ17 - N/W
USJ18 - N/W
USJ20 - N/W
USJ23 - N/W
USJ26 - N/W
USJ27 - N/W

Reports are channelled through us and relayed to Residents who have signed up to be on our mailing lists. Such reports are also documented at the USJ23 Website for future reference.

As for the reports on USJ18 they are actual report figures from the Balai Polis USJ8. You will also find an appeal made by Shah Alam OCPD ACP Mohd Shukri Dahlan and Balai Polis USJ8 Chief Inspector Mohd Rizal Kamarudin during a recent dialogue session with N/W Leaders from USJ to be their Eyes and Ears.

Do not take the law into your own hands but report to the police immediately if you come across suspicious activities, vehicles or characters in your neighbourhood. The number to make such reports is 03-56356904 (if I were you Id record the number in my mobile phone right now)

I will ask Jeff if there is a possibility to reorganise the listing for these 2 websites so that there is less confusion.

It is important to be objective in whatever we say and do, ranting rhetoric will be seen for what it actually is. Over doing it will surely see us tripping all over ourselves.