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03-05-2003, 10:44 AM
Feight. Haier brand. Made in China.

I am about to purchase one unit of China made Haier brand freight, a twin door model. Size W38" X H68" X D 24". Will cost me RM3500.00 a piece. Comparatively cheaper than many other brands of the same type.

The only thing that attracts me to buy is it's low cost. But I like to know it's reliability.

If you are already a user of this brand of freight, please do let me know your opinion. Good , no good ? in terms of :

Reliability: any breakdown since you last bought it?
Noise level? compressor noise audible even from 10 feet away?
Is the plastic body parts disintegrated over time(sign of adulterated recycled plastic material used)?
Everlasting plastic smell ? (vapour from low grade adhesive material and styrofoam use.)
Not cold enough or too cold? (undersized or oversized compressor, normal in copy cat industries as capacity is never accurately claculated, instead it is just monkey see and monkey do kind of doing thing.)

Your feedback will be appreciated.


03-05-2003, 11:39 AM
your best bet is going on www.epinions.com and other such sites that carry info on these things. epinions is independent, so you'll get an unbiased account.

i dont think many ppl here buy freight... check epinions and other such sites for info.

from what i heard haier is quite reliable. famous in europe and the US too.

happy hunting.


05-05-2003, 10:11 AM
Haier freight? Or Fridge or refrigerator? Haier is a prominent consumer electrical goods company in China which is almost having the same amount of popularity as say Sony/Sanyo in Malaysia. It is cheap because it is made using cheap labour in China and also the technology used is not so advanced but a fridge is a fridge and there is only that much advancement you can do to a fridge except maybe the coolant used. It works and does not cause you problems for a few years which is what one expects from any fridge anyway. Judging from the size you mentioned, this would be a copycat of a whirlpool fridge which would have cost you double except it probably does not have an ice-maker.

My take on this is that if it comes with a certain amount of warranty which you can claim locally, it should be ok.

05-05-2003, 02:55 PM
I recall from a mailing list which does mentioned that Haier is a compatetive brand in US and it is among the top 5 brands sold in US, the article is on the topic of how a local manufacturer managed to transform itself in to an international brand and Haier was used as the example.

Cannot verify the source as I wasn't interested when I read the article, somewhere last year. It appears in the eThinkingPower list hosted on cn99.com. It is a mandarin list.

06-05-2003, 08:05 PM
Thanks Joecool for the spelling correction, FRIDGE.

After reading all your fantastic mails, I have decided to buy LG., Made In Korea. RM3550.00, quite a bargain for a bigger fridge. Haier cost RM3500. Cheaper by RM50.00.

I am still not quite comfortable with things made in China. No racism here, just customer confidence. Why? let me tell you why.

I went to Shanghai and bought a few pairs of shoes, one of them was a Timberland. The sales person said they were hand made by an ISO company in Shanghai. Looked "ogirinal", cost half of what you would pay for in Pyramid. Wore a few times and than passed on to my dear son. In less than 4 months, last Sunday in the church, I noticed the shoes split. "Gone with the wind", my hard earned Ringgit.

I had also bought this parka, branded, complete with all the hooks and buttons you want, impressive. One wash and it went out of shape. I can still wear it if I want to look like someone from Shanghai!

Pure bad luck? I do not think so, it is just pure rip-off by the Chinese.

As I am in manufacturing, I always tell my staff t to make sure things "Made in Malaysia" be really as good as they are made out to be for the obvious reason!

07-05-2003, 07:35 AM

that's normal for 'celup' stuff especially shoes bought from China. and it can cost less than a third from the original. once i bought an adidas sneaker and it cost me only rm50. it lasted for about a year and a half. but between that period i had to re-glued the sole because they don't apply enough glue (maybe due to cost saving!)

and i have another pair of 'celup' timberland sandal (cost me Rm80) and is still in good condition after 2 years!

and i bought an original bonia leather shoe from jusco and paid more than rm200 but after a year, it already kaput.

so all depends on your luck. and if a pair of celup branded shoe that cost rm50 and lasted a year, then there isn't much to complain about, right ?

07-05-2003, 09:35 AM
You guys remind me of the time I got a pair of Nike from HK. Didn't last 6 months because it became unglued. I am convinced that it is a real Nike because the unglued parts have Nike trademarks when exposed.

My suspicion is that the shoe was not Tropicalised. Made only for HK and temperate countries' use. Someone told me that in the Tropics, the humidity, heat and maybe type of bacteria will destroy the glues used for cooler climates.

07-05-2003, 10:37 AM

It is not necessary the type of glue used.

Some of the branded 'cetak rompak' shoes available in China is using the original sole. According to one shop owner I talked to in Shenzhen, some company in China that legitimately manufacture original shoe under license for big company like Nike, Addidas and etc are making extra sole and material to cater for the 'cetak rompak' industry as well. And that's why sometime you can find the same original fabric or sole being used for a 'cetak rompak' shoe.

So be extra careful the next time you buy shoe from shops in Hong Kong. Make sure you don't pay original price for a 'cetak rompak' shoe.

07-05-2003, 12:35 PM
kwchang... if it makes you feel any better i had a pair of nikes i bought from america that gave way in 6 months. nike's glue is real bad....

as a general rule i use adidas. i find them much better quality shoes, they last long too.

also, ppl, don't be fooled by the labels you see - just because it says "made in the USA" or "made in italy", etc. does not mean it originates from there. america and the EU have laws that say that it is OK to produce things in china, malaysia, indonesia, thailand, any where you want, and then ship it back to be labeled "made in a great first world nation".

these days it's more bout knowing where to get a good buy. i always buy from departmental stores, never from the road side, because i believe in intellectual property rights. a lot of these products are stolen too, like some mentioned.

with the economy going sour, it's very easy to spot sales everywhere. if you wait long enough, look hard enough, chances are you'll get a good buy.

but jericho is right on the 'cetak rompak' thing... i know a few westerners who have factories in shenzhen and around guangdong.... it's a nightmare to produce stuff... especially when they're producing the mould for factory machinery that can be used to make other products. there has to be two lawyers present and a gwailo to make sure extra ones don't get produced. a lot of ppl have found their ideas which took millions to develop stolen with just one flick. no offence, but china should tighten down on this behaviour - stealing is disgusting.


07-05-2003, 03:37 PM
I think that all nike products have the country of origin stated on the label, be it a shoe or a t shirt. Most shoes that i have seen are made in indonesia and the t shirts in malaysia. The construction/material used plays a big part is how long a shoe lasts. Contact with water will also affect is adhesiveness. Last year I bought a pair of caterpillar shoes, you know the walking machines and after wearing they for about 15 times, the sole separated from the heel. I went back to the shop and they asked me to go to the cobblers toget it stitched back at my own expense. I took the shoes back to the importers who offered me a 50% discount which I refused and after some deliberation, they gave me a new pair. They told me that the model that I bought indeed has been giving problems but I appreciated what they did for me. By the way the shoes are all made in China. With the new pair i do not have any problem so far.

07-05-2003, 03:49 PM
well nike is one brand that may not do that actively, but still it depends on their market. a lot of their new lines in the US are labelled "made in US" for "patriotic reasons". the ones released in asia are not like that, i know that in malaysia for instance they're more honest. not too long ago i bought a pair of pants from switzerland, nikes, and they were labelled "made in malaysia". but not the stuff from the states...

but other brands like christian dior, armani and gucci, amongst others, produce in asia but market in europe as "made in france" or "made in italy".

speaking about tough shoes saml, the new line of dr martens that are from china are also under heavy fire. there are ppl i know who were heavy dr marten's users for yrs, but have been complaining that the recent pairs they buy have problems - the sole splits easily, and the holes for the laces fray.

i dont mean to be judgemental either but there seems to be a lot of quality compromise with products these days, notably those out of china.

but i think of all of them timberland is by far the best where hardy shoes is concerned.


14-05-2003, 01:18 AM
last year i bought an LG fridge from a shop in taipan. i was really impressed by the quietness of the fridge. the salesman claimed that he uses the same model at home without any problems.

unfortunately, it took less than 24 hours after being switched on at home, the LG fridge started to let out this very annoying humming sound that goes away and comes back intermittently. the sound is very loud and i'm listening to it right now. when i complaint to the salesman, i was told that it's normal.

all my experiences in trying to save money by buying cheap brands have actually all failed miserably. examples include hesstar water heater, proton waja, etc etc

let me share with you an experience i had with quality. i bought a pairs of broques (shoes) by Kendal when i was a student in the UK in 1992. I changed the worn leather soles once sometime in 1999 and today, i am still wearing them. like new! expensive but the cost is spread over 11 years.... and more years to come.

14-05-2003, 02:07 AM
yup sinleong.... shop smart, not shop cheap.

shoes is a good example of where one should invest. some ppl buy shoes that are 'cheap' only to change it in two months. not a comfortable wear throughout as well. RM60 for one pair, times 6 in a year. RM1,200. might as well buy a good pair of ballys, hush puppies or campers for RM400, it'll last you way, way, way longer.

say if you buy a decent pair of shoes, it could last years. nothing beats a good pair of boots, heels or flats.

as a woman with a bad back, i invest in my shoes. i don't care much for clothing in general, but the shoes have to be good. or else halfway through the day, i feel the pressure on my lower back. in the long run it's detrimental to my health, so why not. you only have one back, one spine.

a lot of women i noticed in kl like wearing shoes that are badly made. very 'stylish' no doubt, but badly made. with the rising incidents of osteoporosis, better buy 1 good pair of shoes than 10 pairs of bad heels.

and it's good to check out electrical appliances thoroughly before you buy them. i recently bought a hairdryer from carrefour a few months ago. malaysian brand, pensonic. sirim approved too. (which makes me not trust them anymore)

when i brought it to europe my bf was shocked because the type of wiring they used is banned here for safety issues... apparently it shorts a lot and can cause fires. and true enough, the thing started shorting in a matter of 3 uses, lets out blue sparks everytime i put the switch off. if you're drying your hair with a hairdryer that is not safe, i.e. shorts, well that's just asking to get electricuted.

it went in the bin... i paid more to get myself a real hairdryer.

price and quality is one thing, but electrical appliances can be dangerous if not installed or working properly.... you can get electricuted, have your house burnt down, etc. etc. etc.


14-05-2003, 09:35 AM
Last weekend, my Nike shoes gave way. The sole "Split up". By the way, I bought my this pair of mine in Colorado just over a year ago. It say "Made In China" on the tongue label.

Needing a pair of shoes, I went to Subang Parade Bata shop and bought myself and my son a pair each of Bata shoes, made in Jalan Kapar Bata factory, Klang. RM79.99 a pair, ada style. Before Nike or Reebok became trendy, I had bought many pairs of Bata back in the 80s, never gave me any problem, worth my money.

Made in Malaysia shoes are better afterall. Nike and all the other big names we discuss in this forum, really cost more than what they are worth!

14-05-2003, 04:26 PM
There has been studies done on shoes, especially those that claim exceptional shock absorption because they use springs or new material and it has been determined that in more cases than not the claims are unsubstantiated. I do not have this habit of filing what I read so people can also accuse me of making unsubstantiated statements. The important thing is to buy shoes that are comfortable when you are wearing them/testing them. On the other hand there may be brands that require a break in period before they get really comfortable. Case in point is my pair of Doc Martens. When I started wearing them it gave me blisters on the heel but after breaking them in for a week, it became very comfortable and this was borne out in a forum on their shoes and this was the case with most doc martens. Go for the shoe specialists rather than the people selling brands like camel, pierre cardin. I prefer shoes from clarks, timberland,doc martens. I made a mistake with caterpillar. They are nice looking but too heavy and cumbersome for everyday wear. I have tried some camel but quality depends on the model. Kickers are nice but they dont last very long. Imported shoes are expensive but their construction are more rigid and lasts longer. For sports shoes i can't bring myself to spend more than 200 ringgit for a pair so power is ok. Their designs now are much better.