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28-04-2003, 06:49 PM
For those of you that were caught in a massive traffic jam along the short cut to Giant (front of Subang Perdana Court 7) would have realised that the idea to tar the road during the peak office hour this morning was a BAD IDEA! Imagine the traffic that was held back coz of a 'genius' that decided to tar the road that was overdue! Great idea but bad timing.
I personally believe that MPSJ has to buck up and get the right people for the job! It is ridiculous to do such a job during peak office hours! I am sure many of us were late for work this morning...
I remember an incident last year when MPSJ decided to tear down a temple along the LDP highway towards Usj.It happened during the morning rush and many of us were stuck for a long time!
How many more times MPSJ will you let us suffer ???

28-04-2003, 07:49 PM
I feel that MPSJ is very insensitive to the traffic woes. Even since they changed the time for the traffic light at the junction of USJ3/4/5/2, the jam has been terrible. The change was to benefit mainly motorists coming out from USJ2/5. Sometimes you hardly find any cars from USJ/2 while the jam at the straight road along Tujuan is piling up. This evening it took me a good one hour to get to USJ/11 soon after I got out of the Subang Toll. The cars just spilled over to the Federal Highway, all the way to almost the toll gate!!!! I suppose the YDP and the Councillors do not travel in and out of these areas during peak hours, so they can afford to turn a blind eye to all this chaotic situations. Or is it that they are blind in one eye and can't see with the other??!!!

28-04-2003, 10:26 PM
Everyday, it took me at least 30 min to travel from KTM subang to USJ4 via Jln Tujuan. Thanks to the new traffic light system implemented at Jln Tujuan/USJ2/5. It also takes longer to travel from USJ to Komuter Station via SS19... main reason, too many traffic light and worst still not synchronise. I hope traffic controller expert in MPSJ could look at the timing of those lights.

28-04-2003, 11:26 PM
1. MPSJ does not care about efficiency,

2. MPSJ does not care about jams,

3. MPSJ does not care about the needs of the people,

4. MPSJ cares about getting more excuses to carry out projects,

5. MPSJ cares about more traffic jams to get more excuses to carry out projects,

6. MPSJ does not have traffic planners, they have only contractors,

7. MPSJ apparently does not like rubbish considering the dumps that are apparent in places like SS15,

8. MPSJ needs a new administration, devoid of every inch of crony and lazy bum types,

9. Subang Jaya and USJ residents should stop paying quit rent till MPSJ moves their lazy arses.