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27-10-2011, 07:25 AM
Written by a USJ3ABCD pro-tem committee member (am pasting it here):

For once OPEN SPACE won over PROFITABILITY. SOme months ago I announced that MPSJ had agreed to turn the empty piece of land between USJ3A and 3C into an Urban Forest with trails. There have been developers eyeing the place with proposals of hotels, food courts and driving range. We managed to lobby against it all.

This Urban Forest will be cleared of undergrowth and a nature trail will be dug out. Tall hardwoord trees will be planted.

The Jawatankuasa Penduduk (JKP) Zone 3 is moving ahead to organise a Tree Planting event. MPSJ is coming up with 1,111 trees to be planted on 11th November 2011. Rotary Club is supporting the event by bringing 400 members to plant the trees. I have been asked to invite the USJ3ABCD neighbours to come out to join the event. It is a weekday - FRIDAY but trust that some do not work and can join us on that morning.

Friday November 11th 2011
7.30am - 8am Breakfast and Briefing
8am - 8.15am Welcome sppeches (YB Elizabeth Wong, YB Hannah Yeoh)
8.15am - 11am Tree planting work

Please come out to support!



27-10-2011, 07:27 AM
This excerpt taken from SJ Alert :

Tree Planting Project with MPSJ and Rotary Club of USJ on 11.11.11

Posted by: "Kok K Looi" kokklooi@yahoo.com

Tue Oct 25, 2011 2:15 am (PDT)

Dear Residents

MPSJ with the support of The Rotary Club of USJ will be attempting to plant 1,111 trees at the newly established urban forest in USJ 3 on Friday 11.11.11 morning.

Our partners MPSJ will provide the heavy equipment and tools to assist with the tree planting process.
300 Volunteers are required to make this project possible.
With this number of volunteers, the process can be completed within a half a day.

The Rotary Club of USJ will provide simple breakfast.

If you'd like to volunteer for this project, please contact me via email with your name and contact

Sincerely Yours

PP Looi Kok Kheong
Rotary Club of USJ
Mobile: +60 12-329 7028