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16-10-2011, 03:26 PM
To Zon1 residents...Unite or live in a progressively garbaged Zone. Do you part no matter big or small. Just do for your own street is good enuff. Then insyallah, By jupiter! let the contagion effect takes over. Amen!

p/s i sent an e to Councillor and cc mpsj, adun etc.

Dear Councillor Dr Loi,

Many of my SS17/2 and surrounding neighbours, are of the common and disturbing opinion that you have no spent enough time ‘turun padang’ to see the deteriorating condition in Zone 1.

We would like to revive some of the old practices (under the previous Councillor Mdn Theresa), where the leadership of a Councillor is actively reflected in various community & MPSJ on-going ‘gotong royong’ of sort.

In my assessment, it is an act of irresponsibility for a leader in charge, when complaints of ‘lackadaisical and tidak apa’ clean up were simply brushed off by a simple excuse that the area supervisors didn’t do their work.
The increased presence of garbage, Ah Long, ‘Ubat Jantan’ and even ‘massages’ stickers and banners plastered and hung around the trees, lamp posts, overhead bridges, road signs are symptoms of some one or more ‘Tak Buat Kerja’, in the council.

Granted that being a Councillor is not an easy task, but bear in mind that no Rakyak put a gun to anyone’s head to take up this post. If the kitchen is too hot, please do not aspire to be a chef.

Lets us collectively do our part for a cleaner township and healthier Rakyak. Action speaks louder than words.

Have a nice week ahead. Thank you.

Keith Khoo
SS17 and SS19.

09-01-2012, 02:33 PM
hello there
i would like to invite zon 1 community to Pekan Ceria on the 29th Jan 2011.
This is a monthly community event where you can take part in many ways.
Also, im trying to resolve some issues in relation to residence complains by
setting up step-by-step guide of how you can submit report directly to MPSJ.
in cases that it is being ignored, then only we bring it to the councilor's attention.
Anyways, i would like to invite anyone who are interested in doing something
that could and would directly benefit the community.
It has to start somewhere, it has to start sometime, what better place then
here, what better time then now. lets walk the talk and sincerely, i am