View Full Version : Beware of free iPad2 SCAM

08-10-2011, 01:14 AM
Please beware of the recent SCAM posted in some people's Facebooks. It is about Free iPads given away by Apple in memory of Steve Jobs ... it is NOT TRUE.

For those of you who actually went in and answered all the questions, you would have given away a lot of personal data to some CROOKS. Now you have to be on the lookout in case the crooks use your ID to steal your online identity or scam your friends. It is also likely your email box will get spam emails as well since they got your email address

Read about it here (http://www.dataprotectioncenter.com/social-media/facebook/in-memory-of-steve-jobs-apple-has-decided-to-give-away-1000-limited-edition-ipad-2s-facebook-scam/)

08-10-2011, 03:51 AM
Let me add to this....

Yes, its a Scam, but only because Apple is NOT giving out iPads in memory of Steve Jobs...thats what this person has stated on his FB Fanpage....once you click on Share/Like you will be taken to a website where you will be asked for your email [some cases even phone numbers]...if you provide the info, you got to then do some other stuff to stand a chance to 'win' the iPad :)

This is called Cost Per Action[CPA] form of marketing and very legit in the US [also a few more countries]...the person who put that up on FB scammed by claiming something false but the link he/she leads to is legit.

He/she will be paid anything from USD0.50c or $1.50, at times even more per person who give an email address. Sounds small, but from what I know, hundreds would Share it per day....now you add that up.;)

Almost all of these 'email submit' type of CPA offers are usually limited to USA only and most times, the site will not even display here in Malaysia. However, this may differ, if viewed on a FB Fanpage.

We also have to look at this report [link in earlier post] objectively....after they warn you about the scam....they do a pitch with a link to Bitdefender's FB App :D ....after all, it is Data Protection Center and so, just in case you come across more Scams.:eek:

In the US market, everybody is trying to sell you :D