View Full Version : to end the war ...

01-04-2003, 07:21 PM
any body got imagination as to how to end the war?

me thinks every nation who hv disapproved of it shud prove their sincerity by expelling all us diplomats till further delibration by un.

02-04-2003, 03:00 PM
you want to expel US diplomats?

you might as well wish us malaysians abject poverty and ridicule in the world.

expulsion of diplomats is a very serious thing and is only done when a country is not recognised as sovereign. by closing an embassy and expelling the ambassador, the host country is cutting off ties with the nation in question - political, social and economic.

then we can have US investors take out all their money from malaysia, the US government stops sending aid to us as well (e.g. the 2 million USD to our military, amongst other things) no more tourist money coming in from the US, no more big F1 races of any international do's that see the inclusion of americans and other big names.

and don't forget by excluding the US you exclude those who support them as well.

i do not regard the US policies as particularly enlightening at this point, but it's not like malaysia hasn't had it's own share of 'questionable politics'.

if countries resorted to expelling diplomats over the slightest scuffle, the world would be a more disagreeable place.

as for ending the war, it will end when it ends. when things are secure and we can be sure that there aren't any chemical or biological warfare.

the discovery of the mass amounts of gas masks in nasiriyah and basra are strong indications that something is going on behind the scenes.

but as a general rule, i do not think fighting disagreement with abject idiocy solves anything.