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04-09-2011, 05:41 PM
Hey folks, thought I should share this with you in case any one of you out there is interested. Now those without mandarin can also pick up some knowledge of TCM. No, I am not attending but I thought I should share it here.

The KL Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine (non profit body) will be starting a new class at its Academy at 138-140 Jalan Petaling, KL on Fri 9th Sept at 7-10 pm. This " Fundamentals of TCM in English" course will give students a brief but concise knowledge on the practice of TCM. While this is not a professional program, their experienced lecturers will provide guidance in the correct use of various traditional Chinese therapies for self care and general health maintenance.Topics taught include the Fundamental theories of TCM, Diagnosis of illness,Chinese material medica and its Formulas, Internal Medicine , Gynecology and Acupuncture.

If anyone is interested, please contact them directly for more information.
The contact person is Ms Beh at 016-6507929 or visit their website at www.klatcm.com.