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15-08-2011, 02:29 PM
<strike>Accordingly Bank Bumi is for the Bumi Malaysia, bailouts after bailouts, or help after help, it disappeared from Malaysia. SO, wouldnt be surprised that eventually MAS would be Mana Ada Sayap and ended up in the cooking pot, stewed and eaten with Chili belacan sauce.</strike> :D

16-08-2011, 06:54 PM
Dunno why the bailouts of Bank Bumi can be racial where people day and night gets uptight over it :confused:
It is of national interests which concerned all Malaysians. When bailouts happened , guess where the monies comes from? The executive who got killed, dumped in the plantation in Hong Kong was a relative of my friend and the unconvicted "maybe culprit:" has the same surname as mine and was a Malaysian Chinese! So , it was a case of MAS - Mesti Ada Suhabat :mad:
Would I get a banana for this - I dont mind, for real! :o

17-08-2011, 02:25 AM
Dunno why the bailouts of Bank Bumi can be racial where people day and night gets uptight over it...
The reason I crossed out the whole post was because it was totally out of the topic.... a hijack, in other words. In fact SM already mentioned it
Why can't we just discuss the issue rationally rather than trying to show off the skills in coining terms to bash everyone at one go including getting racial too?

The reason I cut it off was because I wanted to avoid another banana. Yet Zing continued to repost the off-topic matter again.... and asking for it some more. I give up :mad: :(

And by the way, I am getting very irritated by all those puns which are not funny or smart, just simply irritating ... hence the deletions of all that word-play with the MAS acronym.. I am very likely to delete future posts that make irritatingly "smart" word-plays which make we whinge

17-08-2011, 02:46 AM
I didnt think I would be shown the yellow card for acronym and neither would think it is hijacking either as the title "Is this a bailouts" when I brought the Bank Bumi bailouts as the similar show of sleight of underhands example which has had affected the nation interest. Just like Tupai, I am jumpy like Alwin And The Chipmunks too, when I read his comments as a rakyat - how does 1get to discuss rationally on things that are not rational? An irrational deal like this involving gomen bail out, grand theft, massive pilferage of Rakyak money will only attract odium, condemnation and curses. Period.Seriously, how many times have they been 'bailed out' since the MSA days?

BTW, not showing off skill here in coining terms but to get the attention of the readers of how I felt about the whole situation which is getting on my nerve. Moreover, it is not against the rule book where it is not offensive nor any elements of racist.At least, I didnt show off by remarking how comfortable of sitting in a car once powered by Rolls Royce engines which the manufacturers also designed to fly planes which has nothing to do with bailouts.

But then, if I am given the yellow card, so be it. But if I am painted to be racist, then let the forumers be the judges. let those who haveth not sinneth , cast the first stone. Still truly yours, Zinglicious. :cool:

17-08-2011, 03:08 AM
...and neither would think it is hijacking either...
The first post was about MAS, nothing else. Even Tupai's comments were MAS-centric. Let us keep it within topic. Read everything in context and you will see that it is not a thread on any other bailout. Zinglicious' insertion was simply hijacking the topic off a tangent and that banana is within the rule.

17-08-2011, 11:24 AM
The first post was about MAS, nothing else. - KWchang

Was this directive from Minister Nazri to the GLCs to write-off all claims against ex-MAS managing director a bailout? Was it all part of something to allow the current MAS-Air Asia deal to proceed without any legal hitch? Read the story in The Malaysian Insider (http://www.themalaysianinsider.com/malaysia/article/tajuddin-ramlis-cases-pushed-to-sept-29-umno-lawyer-stays-mum/) and see what they are up to. Hey Ma, they are using our money again... :mad:

Pray tell, my honour, by the basis of the 1st posting by the thread starter, am I truly a hijacker guilty by the first degree when I just use the Bank Bumi bailouts one liner which is another examplary Emas bailout where people with hidden agenda trying to fool the rakyat, yet again and again? :confused:

Aint no loyar with LLB qualification, sumore maybe my Amglish aint so clear but it was clearly other threads get so kelam kabut with sidetrack comments too. But then again, me no appealing for yellow card removal because I actually ask for it personally - from post 27th - Would I get a banana for this - I dont mind, for real! Ask and it shalt be given. :)

And aint not cool for somebody to do a sweeping statement to imply that I am a Thamby or Mamak racist with one liner Bank Bumi scandal, though I could even point out UMBC shares swap too. Until today, there is still - Mana Ada Skandal? :p

Yang turut menurut threading and reading undang undang,

Ex USA off course semi loyar.

Yang bersigning off instead of pointing here and there. :cool: