View Full Version : Show true colors.

27-07-2011, 07:54 PM
PM Najib said dont just fly flags, show your patriotism by willingness of one who is prepared to defend the country's sovereignty, fight and lead it to greater heights. http://thestar.com.my/news/story.asp?file=/2011/7/27/nation/20110727192925&sec=nation
Aisayman, Yang Amat Berhormat PM Najib - do we have to fight to be identified to be Malay first, Malaysian at heart or vice versa? :confused:

Henry T
27-07-2011, 08:18 PM
I am wondering how do we fight enemies who are just a figment of his imagination? ;)

27-07-2011, 08:30 PM
Aisayman, the Ultraman is fighting Bermular -