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28-06-2011, 02:51 PM
When economy gets bad, ppl find creative ways of making money..
Not sure if anyone noticed that these days, we have runners for the workshop and car repair industry...

Take note, whenever you come across any nasty accident along the highways... that within minutes of the accident, there will come kpc who will distribute workshop cards while those involved in the accident were busy trying to sort out their woes... Some accidents were deliberately caused by someone in the front... by intentionally slowing down and then stopping to almost standstill and then when the vehicle behind is almost too close for comfort, will speed up and then stop to investigate the accident behind pretending that the vehicle infront had caused him to slowdown and stop... bla..bla..bla.. And below long, start to distribute his workshop card. :eek:

I saw it happened... because I noticed the vehicle slowing down without rhyme or reason, when there were no traffic congestion, nor vehicle close in front, which happend at the downward slope of flyover, and it was happened on a drizzle... :eek:

Anyone have noticed such incidents?

28-06-2011, 03:06 PM
These are old tactics that are still adopted by the workshops. Some will even 'spill' diesel on the roads to cause people to lose control of their cars. Or puncture peoples cars which are parked. I dont know how these people can still go home and look at their own family and children.

28-06-2011, 03:26 PM
Those days there was even a workshop with a fleet of tow trucks at one of the most dangerous corners along the Karak Highway.... and people suspect diesel poured on the stretch before and after this workshop.... his wife apparently runs a "cold drinks stalls" next to the workshop too...

28-06-2011, 03:28 PM
if u hv access to the PJ Traffic control room, u will see a chart outlined the stretch and clearly marked spots of frequently 'created accidents'. This infamous stretch starts, from the left turn to subang airport to the motorola/sg way area. :eek:

Fave 'slow, sudden stop' and even 'fast, cut in, slow, fast off' tactic are usu done by the 'vulture' working with co-vulture pack lurking nearby. They r usu there faster than the cops, ambulance and AAM.

My pdrm fren used to have his men summoned the first tow truck to reach the accident area. PJ trafic cops know about this tactic but it is hard to prove guilt...let alone arrest the 1st car driver for deliberating creating a 'planned accident'. These vultures can hit jackpot when multiple cars are piled up...

Women drivers are their fave target. Also Blur sotongs who like driving while playing with mobile.
To the latter group of Blursotong drivers, i'll say this "Tai-Seh" Padan muka! U deserve the inconvenience & lo$$e$. :cool:

Yang Amat Becareful outthere TIU xlatotupai :cool:

28-06-2011, 03:34 PM
The big roundabout on the way to Subang Airport also a favorite accident area for these tow truck operators. Just watch next time you drive by, there is a tow truck "resting" under the small tree just before the roundabout! And I am from Penang summore! :D

28-06-2011, 05:04 PM
Dun know whether these creative biz operate in collab wiz the traffic acc dept who has touts frenz also distribute workshop cards at under d trees... :eek: