View Full Version : Kidnap attempt near USJ16 padang?

24-03-2003, 09:44 PM
From YSJ16 Neighbourhood Watch:

Date: Mon, 24 Mar 2003 20:45:24 +0800
From: Tarlochan starlo1@pc.jaring.my
To: "nwatch_usj16@yahoogroups.com"
Subject: [nwatch_usj16] Kidnap attempt near USJ16 padang?

I would like to relate an incident which happened yesterday (Sunday 23rd

Almost every evening the kids of USJ16 gather at the padang near the Stadium
Curry House to play football. Yesterday my son came back from the field and
related that three guys had tried to 'culik' (kidnap) one of the kids. Since
I found this hard to believe I went back to the field and questioned the
kids about the incident.

Apparently, this kid had gone to a hair saloon located along the row where
Subang Grocer is to see his father who was having a haircut there. Three
guys offered him some sweets but when he refused, one of them grabbed his
hand. Scared, the kid managed to free himself and ran back to the padang.

The guys apparently then went to the hair saloons along the row behind
Subang Grocer and two of them had their hair cut at one of the saloons. I
learned from the operator of the saloon that the guys looked like strangers
and were probably foreignors. He was not aware of the incident until I
related to him what had happened.

It is unclear what exactly was the intention of these guys - whether they
were really intending to kidnap the kid or were just fooling around.
Whatever the intention, they did succeed in scaring some of the kids,
especially the younger ones.

I think this is something that parents and the Neighbourhood Watch need to
watch out for. Perhaps parents should consider having an adult accompany the
kids when they go to the field. Our good friend Arthur Koh has said he would
take a walk to the field in the evenings to see that there are no unseemly
characters or strangers around. However, parents need to be on the alert and
keep an eye out when their kids are at the field.


25-03-2003, 12:30 AM
i've always felt that parents who let their young kids roam around too freely are asking for trouble.

the world has never been a safe place, and it's not getting better.

before we ask the neighbourhood watch to be on the lookout, i think it should be the parents who take responsibility for their kids first.

myself as a woman in her mid-20s, i do not feel safe at all times. i carry pepper spray and a body alarm with me. (you can get these things at carrefour) i think the dangers for children, who are more at risk because they are not quite aware of their surroundings, is greater.