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22-03-2003, 02:47 PM
During the last few days, there have been jetplanes flying low over USJ area. It makes such a terrrible noise that my 2-year-old clings on to me and won't let me go for a few minutes.

Anyone know whose planes are these and why they are flying at such a low height? I wonder if it is allowed.

22-03-2003, 06:56 PM
If you're talking about fighter jets screaming down at breakneck speeds then i think i know why. Tomorrow is the F1 finals at Sepang. The jets could be practising for their 'mighty aerial show' during the opening of the F1 race tomorrow. If this is the case, then your suffering child will just have to endure for 1 more day. After that, it will be peace again ;)

Come to think of that, how fortunate we are that we are living in USJ/SJ at this time, not in Iraq. Can u imagine the sights and sounds that haunt us every day & night until the war is finally over? Thank God we are living in USJ/SJ, not Iraq!

23-03-2003, 01:43 AM
your right... i imagine the children are clinging on even tighter to their mothers right now. it's so sad. the bombing campaigns are massive! and the funny thing is they have yet to find any weapons of mass destruction. god knows if they're even there. whatever it is, it's a horrible price to pay by the children and mothers in iraq.


23-03-2003, 02:10 AM
i dont think its even relevant to compare our situation with those "shock & awe' victims in Iraq!

these aerobatics should be done AWAY from housing areas! its so irresponsible of them. maybe a horrifying accident, will just wake up those 'finger-pointing responsibility averse' authorities.

just thinking of murphy's law, gives me the jitters...

yeah, sleep well, after all its only 3 days the most, and again its already over right?. TQ

23-03-2003, 09:15 AM
i dont think that being afraid of fighter planes is founded. the risk of getting knocked by a car is much greater than a fighter plane crashing into a double story house in USJ. so is the risk of dying from a bee sting, or household appliances for that matter. if i could i'd take an f-16 to work, anytime. they're *Safe*.

especially if you consider the shape those pilots are in, and the millions invested into the equipment... plus it's all precise calculations. i'd do anything at this point to take a good look at the fighter jets going over USJ. good to see them in action. well that's me, i'm an aviation enthusiast. but i'm also a realist, which is why i think murphy's law has no place in this equation.

if i was watching those fighter jets in the sky i'd feel proud to be malaysian and happy that 1. they're flying over peaceful land, 2. that they'll probably put on a great show at sepang. i will gladly put up with that bit of noise instead of complaining about the impossible, and the fact that i don't want to put up with a bit of soundbytes.

i dont think the comparison LimSB and myself made about the iraqis was done as a point of common sense, it was more on a note of reflection as to how lucky we are and how we should count our blessings instead of complaining so much about a bit of noise that's all for a good cause. it's quite obvious malaysians (and subang citizens) come nowhere close to the victims of saddam's regime and the now US led incursions.

tomorrow i'll be watching the F1 live all the way from milan. not so much because i'm a fan in itself, and hey, who has doubts it'll be team ferarri to win again, but i'd like to see my country in action. it's great to know that us malaysians are capable on putting on a good show... best if we support it in all the ways we can.

23-03-2003, 09:31 PM
something to thank the RMAF for:


24-03-2003, 01:02 PM
Fighter planes should NEVER be flown above residential areas at such low altitudes. Prolonged exposure to loud noises from the aircrafts' engines will damage our ears and lead to hearing impairment.

If you want to practise, at least practise it away from residential areas or at a higher altitude. Don't only think of performing your best during the F1 race (and thus impressing the foreign media). Instead, respect the privacy and health of the very people who pay your salaries through taxes.

It is only a basic human right.

25-03-2003, 12:22 AM
i think the problem is that the subang air base is close by.

i don't know how low is low.... i'm not around to see for myself. if they have been practicing over subang, that's wrong. if they've been flying overhead, nothing wrong with that.

and i'm all for impressing the foreign media. we could do with more investments and tourists.


31-03-2003, 03:45 AM
The Star Online > News
Sunday, March 30, 2003
RMAF jet blows tyre, skids off runway

KUCHING: A fighter jet belonging to the Royal Malaysian Air Force skidded on the runway of the Kuching International Airport here, yesterday.

The RMAF has not issued any statement on the incident but, it is learnt that the multi-purpose F-18D Hornet had a punctured tyre which caused it to skid on the runway upon landing.

Pilot Mohd Nor Rashid Samingin, 41, and his assistant, Abdul Wahab Ayub, 31, ejected from their seats for a safe exit from the plane amid a downpour during the 4.30pm incident.

Several fire engines from the Fire and Rescue Department and the airport's own fire brigade, rushed to the scene after being alerted.
GROUNDED: Firemen and airport personnel checking on the Hornet after the incident at the Kuching International Airport Saturday.

The two pilots, it is learnt, were immediately taken to the Sarawak General Hospital for observation.

The plane was one of six craft from the RMAF base in Labuan that had been carrying out an air exercise here since the past week, ahead of the Miri Air Carnival tomorrow.

According to a witness, there was an explosion as the plane was about to land.

The incident caused disruptions to several scheduled commercial flights at the airport.