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25-05-2011, 09:19 AM
Anyone bought cars from Topmark b4? Are they reliable? Any advice? I am looking for second hand Toyota Vios (preferably not more than 3 years old) and was told to check out Topmark.

Looking fwd to hearing from you all.....Thanks!

25-05-2011, 09:47 AM
You have to be prepared to pay a bit more than the market price on their cars. This is to be expected since they would have done a complete check up on the car and any parts that need to be replaced are replaced. Generally the mileage are also not fantastically high and most have full service histories. For peace of mind its worthwhile taking a look but if the price differential is too great and if you can find someone who is mechanically sound to check out used cars in the market you might be able to get a good deal.

25-05-2011, 10:06 AM
If you are looking for Vios than less than 3 years, find those with active warranty (3 years or 100,000km whichever come first). There are a lot in the market, and you don't need to go to Topmark. Any problem, claim warranty from UMW, that's it.

If you are looking for car more than 3 years (without warranty), check out Topmark. They do provide short warranty even after the car is more than 3 years. I'm sure you have to pay a little bit extra for this type of car. Always compare 3 seller to know your position.

My final suggestion, look for those with Full Service Record with UMW... it limit your margin your error.

25-05-2011, 10:41 AM
BTW, current trend is with used car sales, there are afew company who provide 2-6 months warranty on the vehicle. Recently I have been pushing my friends to support such a commitment to customers, there are a few not many.

its always good to get from them, one warranty, good customer service and trend setter for the market, eventually if we the consumer consistently lookout for such shoppe, the market would follow the trend.

25-05-2011, 07:13 PM
Should be ok kua.

The one at pj roundabout of jln kilang n jln tandang being there for years!

25-05-2011, 07:21 PM
Topmark charges a bit more but it does come with a certain warranty period for parts and performance. Some years back, my wife got robbed of her brand new Altis at Subang Parade and we were taken to Topmark by some ppl at UMW Toyota to choose a Camry (1 year old) for her to purchase. It was a good buy. Trouble free for about 3-4 years until she sold it off for a newer Camry.

CS Chua
26-05-2011, 02:17 PM
I have been to Topmark and learn that not all cars come with warranty and they do not always check and change all the parts. Some are taken in and sold as it is, after the customary cleaning, and tuned-up. So, do not assume and take things for granted. Some of their cars are priced RM10K above market value so you decide whether it is worth it or not.