View Full Version : ss15 BLASTING ss17/2

29-03-2011, 02:50 PM
U resoidents at ss17/2 opposite eon/pelita/chicken rice/canai cafe BETTER watch out...Its gonna be a Deja Vu for you.The 2am din is coming back!

Some1 has recently mooted the idea to revive the noisy Petaling Street wannabe Pasar Malam, at the parking lane, DIRECTLY opposite your home!

Your sleepless nites are coming back! If those of you not in favor, as previous
1. babies cannot sleep
2. school kids cannot study
3. Senior citizen cannot sleep
4. traffic congestion due to selfish pasar malam goers' discriminate parking outside yr homes...
THEN u all better get together and VOICE your protest. Get to the Councillor Loi and YB Adun Hannah Yeoh.

Maybe your nites will then be peaceful...

Be afraid! be very afraid!

06-04-2011, 04:32 PM

Pls pass to any1 u know who lives in ss17, ss18 or whoever that got affected the last time... Thanks.

Dear JKP & RA Members

Pls be informed that SJ Uptown Company is giving a briefing on their project to revitalise their project in S15 Commercial area this Friday, 3.00pm (April 8) to be held @ Dewan SS15.

KM Loi