View Full Version : What an accident !

25-02-2003, 10:54 AM
On my way to work this morning, I noticed that a car was overturned on its side window, with a Kembara stopping at its bottom, at junction at the USJ 4, in front of Shell station and the Tamil school this morning.

Not sure anyone was hurt. Just want to says that this junction was never safe especially for those wants to turn into Persiaran Tujuan, intended towards Subang Jaya, or cross the road towards Giant.

This is first accident that I saw, with a car overturned. I think we will see more in the near future - not to curse, but with the way people driving these days ...:(

25-03-2003, 01:54 PM
I remember witnessing an extraordinary accident along this road. It was around 10pm, and all I remember was this car speeding with reckless velocity on the road, suddenly lost control and (like in the movies) hit the road curb and twisted in the air, landing upside down! I saw sparks and lots of smoke from the crashed car. Not sure whether the driver was seriously injured or not.

The scary thing: I was less than 50 metres away from the spot where the car landed.....

27-03-2003, 07:32 PM
Saw 2 accidents today on the way home from work.

1. At the NKVE highway from KLIA to USJ. Waja clips speeding Wira on the back. Wira spins out of control flies off the road to the open fields. Just like those you see in the Uncensored American Police Files! So exciting. Both young men managed to look quite "pucat" and embarassed at the same time. Very impressive!

2. At the USJ NKVE toll, many cars by the side of the road, many PLUS people with red flags waving. Felt I was in a rally. But sorry no additional details.

Just because it stopped raining and people can see again, they forget that the roads are wet and slippery. Sometimes people just don't learn.