View Full Version : Filtering undesired web content

24-02-2003, 03:50 PM
Hello residents.

With streamyx seems to be picking up in our neighbourhood, it is quite obvious that web content is faster to access especially downloading images and files.

I'm currently doing a survey to find out opinions of parents who have children accessing the net and their concern about having the children clicking on undesired pages.

What would parents feel if there is a solution where they are able to filter web content deem abusive for their children?

What would parents feel if there is a solution that is better then any content filtering software like "net nanny" that is intelligent enough to filter keywords and images that is deem undesired? (The word sex may not be abusive but it may if the images that come along with the keyword proves likewise)

Would parents subscribe if there is a service that provides daily updates (like antivirus software that provides weekly updates) for all the undesired links?

Please let me hear your comments.