View Full Version : Pls support USJ-Intel Promotion

22-01-2003, 04:56 PM
<font size="+1">Please support USJ-Intel Promotion</font>

Folks! We are tieing-up with Intel Asia Pacific for a local promo targetting Malaysian PC purchasers.

Please go to the <a href="http://auction.usj.com.my">"Auction"</a> hyperlink on the front page header, or <a href="http://auction.usj.com.my">CLICK HERE</a> to see the message.

We have also updated our front page to accommodate the Intel promo as well. If you see the pop-up ads, please bear with us ;)

Please help us gain some brownie points by clicking the banner ads. Hopefully, we will gain some $$ to maintain this website.

Jeff Ooi