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14-01-2003, 08:29 AM
I stay in USJ 11 and I am a parent of two kids in USJ15's Vision school. (Note the geography of these locations).

Going to school in the morning takes only 5 mins. But coming back may take 1/2 hr.

When you drop kids off at the main gate in Vision school, the only way to U-turn back to USJ 11 is at the USJ20/USJ18 cross junction further ahead. Every morning, this USJ20/USJ18 cross junction is amassed with the following fellow road users :

1. Those who wants to U-turn back to Taipan, SJ area (like me).
2. Those who intend to go to work thru Puchong, NKVE.
3. Those who wants to fetch their kids to USJ20 school, and return to home using the same junction (USJ20/USJ18).

At around 12-1pm, the same area is congested again, due to home-going time.

At the moment, USJ15 Vision school and USJ 20 Tamil/SJK has not been filled with full capacity yet. I dread to think what will happen to this junction when all schools are filled in 1-2 years time.

A possible savior road?
Lately, I noticed some cars going into a road (the road right after the Vision school), and I believe the area is called USJ 14. This road is a dead-end road, or so it seems, for I decided, one day, to take this road as well, to see where are all the lorries and cars are going to.

I found out that there is a VERY VERY bumpy man made "link" between USJ 14 and factories at the back. I realised that if MPSJ or authorities can pave this short link (abt 100 meters) into a tar road, this would definitely help to divert cars that need to U-turn at USJ20/18 junction, and lessen the traffic jam there.

The link road leads to a paved road, which when travelled straight, will lead to Giant and Subang Permai area.
Along the way, it traverse areas like USJ 8, the Subang Courts which can offer an alternative "outlet" for morning traffic to ease the jam.

The question is, where can I propose this solution to?

14-01-2003, 10:44 AM
A very good suggestion by cpleong worth bringing up to MPSJ. I shall have to visit the spot, snap some photographs and draw the map and submit to MPSJ to look into tarring this road. This will unload the impending traffic that now uses the U-turn at USJ 20/USJ 18 intersection to patah balik.

Click the below link to see the map.


On behalf of JKP Zon 3 (USJ 12-USJ 26)

19-01-2003, 05:34 PM
Hi PC,

Thank you so much for following up with MPSJ. If there's anything u want me to help, I'd be glad to.